April 21, 2009

The last few days have been busy ones. On Sunday my wonderful friends Jacci and Jackie threw me one of the best baby showers that a girl could ask for! The food was great, the games were hillarious and the company was even better; I think it is safe to say that the first ever Jac(ci)kie squared production was a hit! Baby Everly and I got so spoiled it is going to take me at least an hour or two to cut of tags and find places for things to go. We are quickly running out of space around here, it will be great when the new room is done and we have somewhere to put all of the beautiful gifts that our friends and family have given to us so generously.

We had a visit with our midwife Juila yesterday. We heard the baby’s heartbeat and our midwife said that she sounds very happy in there… little does baby know that she will be getting an eviction notice in about 20 or so days now, she better start packing her bags, LOL! Julia gave us all the info about when to call if labour has started, hmmm labour.

Now I have thought a lot about the baby coming out, that much is true, but labour, that is something I would like to avoid, ha ha ha. It is sinking in now that this labour thing is happening for sure now. Good thing we have plans and are educating ourselves! We actually meet with our Doula Jay tonight… let’s get this labour ball rolling. I have always been the kind of person to worry about things before they happen and then seem to sail right on through when actually faced with the task, so right now I would like to get down to the task of bringing this baby here!

Yesterday my dad and I spent the afternoon walking the dog and running errands. We picked up the stroller- yeay! I also ordered the nursery furniture; I hope it gets here sooner as opposed to later 🙂

This week has not been a great one for some people close to our hearts and I would just like to send my love to them- they know who they are. Sure makes us feel lucky to have what we do.

Cairo enjoying his first swim of the year!

Cairo enjoying his first swim of the year!


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