Try not. Do or do not, there is no try- Yoda

So the above title will be my mantra for labour I have decided. Last night when we met with our doula Jay she asked me all sorts of questions; things like how do you cope with pain, what smells do you like, what foods give you comfort (umm candy!) and more serious things like how do you go when the going gets tough. She asked me if there had ever been a point in my life where I had just given up and let fate determine what happens next, I said the first time I have done that is with this pregnancy. She said you have never given up? I looked over at Brandon, who “pfft’ed” and said- she doesn’t give up easily. I guess I don’t do I. This is one of those times in my life that my tenacity will come in handy.

I baked and baked and baked today… 72 sugar cookies later I am all done! I will mention what they are for later. The first batch was terrible, just burnt so bad not even the dog would eat them! But as I kept at it they turned out better and better. I hear that baking is a great skill to have as a parent. I still have far to go before I reach the deliciousness of Jacci’s lemon raspberry bars, but I think I am getting there… Jacci those bars were so yummy!

Yesterday I picked up the rest of the pictures from the photoshoot with Kim. I have posted them as an album on Facebook, you can click the link to see them all. Kim did such an amazing job! While I was at her house I also had the chance to see some canvasses that she had made, a few were photos from our wedding and did they ever look good. My plan is to order a few of those for sure. Something about the photos on canvas just adds this special touch. Also made me think, holy crap, our wedding was just in July. This sure has been an eventful year for all those involved.

Right now I am working on the template for little missy’s birth announcements. I figure that I will be so brain dead when the moment arrives it will be helpful to just drop the photos in and send them off to be printed. After looking at nearly 1000 birth announcements I think I have finally decided on a design; yes, you should all be excited to see it because it is going to be pretty darn cute!


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