Gadget Wheels

We visited our midwife today and found out that baby is still facing forward (posterior) and that I am Strep B positive, um, not the best appointment that we have had. Baby is not engaged in my pelvis, so there is still hope that she will turn before she does; let’s hope that my continued presence at the chiropractor’s office will help her to move! As for the Strep B, it has to be treated with antibiotics during labour through an IV.

This sounds simple enough I know, but when you have a tummy that is as pukey as mine it’s not a good thing. The last time I had antibiotics at this high of a dose I barfed my brains out. Needless to say I had a little bit of a low moment where I wanted to just say, let’s pick a date, cut me open and pull her out of there. With the roadblocks continuing to add up (no drugs, no epidural, back labour, antibiotic barfing), I was having a hard time using my “go-go-Gadget-wheels” to ride over them.

So I went to get some perspective from my supervisor at work, who I am fortunate enough to call one of my friends. She has this brilliant way of framing my world like no one else can- and she did. She reminded me that I am tired and uncomfortable and impatient and that all of these things are clouding my ability to see that I can do this. Because (thank you Obama) YES WE CAN! I just needed to be reminded of my mantra it seems. I also need to remember that everything I endure, no matter how crappy it is, only brings this baby closer to becoming a part of our world and right now I want that more than anything. So- THANK YOU Danielle 🙂

On a more fun note… Brandon and I discovered that baby is a fan of the Beastie Boys. We were trying out different music for our labour playlist and would rest the iphone on my belly to see how she reacted. When the Beastie Boys came on she just went nuts, particularly during that Body Moving song. She also appreciates the musical talents of Kanye West; we are guessing this kid likes a strong beat, lol. Will be interesting to see if she reacts the same way once she is out, hmmmmmm.

I had lunch today with my pregnant pen pal Suzy (Suzy is Brandon’s cousin’s wife). Initially we were only due 2 days apart, but as my dates changed and hers didn’t (grrrr) that spread to 2 weeks. Suzy is due on Saturday and hoping that baby boy Davis does not outstay his welcome, LOL. Suzy and I have been fortunate to go through this process at nearly the exact same time so a lot of the things that we encountered (or rather endured) were the same. It was just awesome to have someone else to bounce things off of and not make you feel so weird because they experienced the same things. For example right now we are both really teary and angry, we attributed this to the lack of patience that being close to your due date can bring. I have been so lucky to have lots of pregnant friends around me at the time of my pregnancy and I think it’s really going to be nice to be new moms together as well.

I cleaned out the closet in our bedroom this afternoon. We had so much crap in there. I just look everywhere and see crap. It is almost like I have X-ray vision and I can see inside drawers and cupboards and they are so disorganized it drives me nuts. I am feeling the need to make all space efficient! I understand that this is part of what is known as the nesting phenomenon, but I also think it has to do with the fact that we don’t have much space! Baby’s room is nowhere near done and people around us continue to be generous 🙂 I am really feeling that urge to have things “perfect” for when she comes, not like she will know the difference though! We could lay her to sleep in a drawer pulled from the dresser, she would never protest and say, um excuse me, I ordered a crib… but then again she is my kid so good thing we didn’t take the chance, LOL!

Okay, time to go pack the diaper bag and our hospital bag, how scary is that! Our midife suggested today that we might want to get that done, yeah, we might as we hadn’t even thought of it yet! Now what to take…


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