Baby’s Got Furniture!

I have admittedly been a teensy bit picky about the furniture that we are going to put in the baby’s room. I wanted something that she could grow up with and something that is of good quality (i.e. actual wood!). So almost needless to say, it has taken a while before we actually bought something. When I found this set on Thursday I knew right away this was it. Even better was that all of the pieces were on sale and 2 out of the 3 of them were actually in stock! There are some pictures below. It is going to look great with the hot pink/white/lime bedding that my dad and I picked out in Bellingham 🙂

Will post pictures of the completed nursery within the month of June (fingers crossed). Brandon has been working on that room with every spare minute that he gets at home. It is all insulated and 90% of the electrical and plumbing is finished. The plumbing is for the washer and dryer that we will now have in our suite. It’s very exciting to have a new washer and dryer to use soon and very hard to look at them sitting there right now! Some of the walls and the ceiling have drywall screwed on to them too; it completely amazes me that he has done this work so beautifully with never having done it before! It sure is nice to have a husband who is handy 🙂



Change Table

Change Table

Full Bedroom Suite

Full Bedroom Suite

Suite from another angle

Suite from another angle



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2 responses to “Baby’s Got Furniture!

  1. Jess this looks sooooooooo beautiful !! I might need to buy it off you when we’re ready for babies 😉

    It is going to look AMAZING with the bedding !!

  2. A. Sharon

    I’ve never known you to be “teensy bit picky”…! ;-)The furniture is beautiful though, and very much in keeping with your style! One step closer…

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