Everly does the cutest thing when she is hungry- she opens her mouth wide and makes a hissing sound, we call it the cobra and every time we see it have to quip Cobras! and mimic her. She also has found that her voice has high and low pitches, she scared herself yesterday with a very high pitched squeal, her eyes went so wide and she had this look like where did that come from???

She likes Rockabye baby albums, most especially the Beatles and Johnny Cash… I have learned that music can tame the savage beast. Speaking of savage beasts, that’s how she eats, this baby has the most voractious appetite I have ever seen on a human. Our doula suggested that she might be going through that 3 week growth spurt a little early because she was on the smaller side. Once a day it is not uncommon for me to sit and feed her for 2.5 hours, just rotating left to right and left to right. She smacks my breast with her palm and makes hurried sounds with her breathing like she hasn’t been fed in DAYS!

She sleeps pretty good at night. Usually we get a 4 hour stretch followed by a 3 hour stretch and then she is up every 2 hours during the day. She loves sleeping in bed with her dad and I and although I was paranoid at first, now I really enjoy having here there to snuggle. I heard a quote at a friends baby shower that said: let your children sleep in your bed, because before long they will be crawling into someone elses! Ouch, that one really hit home for me and I think it’s great advice. They only want you around for so long, you might as well take advantage of it.

I am slowly adjusting to new motherhood. I have to admit that feeling like I had lost my independence was a difficult pill to swallow. I remember saying to B- I can’t just drive to Starbucks and get a drink if I want to! He reminded me that as she gets bigger and I can pump breastmilk for bottles I will be able to do these things, it’s just these first 6 weeks that are the most difficult… seems someone was listening to the midwife and doula better than I was 🙂

Everytime I look at her I just can’t get over how pretty she is and how perfect. I feel like we are so lucky to have her. Watching her grow and change in these past 11 days has been amazing. She has chubby cheeks now and a double chin! She lost her belly button stub on Monday with a tiny bit of help from dad. She puked on me yesterday for the first time, B and I nearly peed our pants with shock at the amount that came out of her! That was one big burp!!!

I hear the grunting of her waking up, gotta get ready for the demanding milk talk. I swear she is like a member of the mafia shaking down some dude who owes her boss money… I know you got the milk in there… you get me the milk… Ah my little cobra commander!



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