Some notes on sleep…

2009 May 20 002

I don’t know what happened to B and I in past lives, but whatever it was the baby we have been gifted with is making up for it, of that I am certain. Jinkies, she is making up for every wrong that was ever done! The past few nights this little girl has slept for 6 hours SOLID. She started at 4 hours, then 5 and now 6… how long do we have to wait for 7 and 8? He, he, he. I was quick to believe that this was going to be the trend for the week and not the habit, but have been assured by wise women around me that if she is doing this now, she is not likely to start to sleep less… ONLY MORE! I do realize how lucky we are, that’s for sure. I have heard (and seen) so many horror stories about sleep and babies and I was ready for what she might dish out. I am starting to believe that a healthy pregnancy is in fact one of the keys towards a healthy, happy baby, maybe it’s not all luck, maybe we did things right?

We had our first few outings in the last week. She sure does love shopping. You wonder how I know this? She does not cry or fuss when we are in the mall, she is quite content to be pushed around as I discover things that she needs. Yesterday we even went to Starbucks. Now, it did take a bit more than it usually does to get there, but we made it. Babies have so much stuff that they need and I just know that the one day I leave the house without something it will be the day that I need it.

Each day we are learning about each other a little bit more, which allows us to do a little bit more. We are getting into a bit of a loose routine. The first few days she was home I remember thinking oh my God I have to do this for a year and I felt very overwhelmed. Then I took a few steps back and realized no, I have to do this today and I might have to do this tomorrow, after that who knows what the days will look like… and here were are only a week later and things already look so much different.

We gave her a pacifier on Wednesday and she took to it like a fish to water. I had the typical new mother guilt and nipple confusion paranoia about it, but we did it and I am happy to say that there has been zero nipple confusion (nothing stands in the way of this one and her food!). In the later evenings she does what we call the quad cluster feed; she basically spends 2 hours going from right boob to left boob, to right boob, to left boob. After this session things are understandably tender in the nippular region, but she still has the urge to suck. Well popping that soother in there relieves that urge and gives me some time to have a bath, or empty the diswasher. I knew she wasn’t still hungry and she had a clean diaper so it was time for a lesson in self soothing (yes this is how Danielle S. helped me to justify it).

And guilt… I did not know that having a baby would come with so much guilt! WOW! The things you start to feel guilty about, and why? Moms need to go pee and they need to brush their teeth, why do we feel guilty about putting baby down to do that? Why? I feel guilty when I put her in the bouncy vibe chair, why?- it’s not like I don’t spend 20 hours of my day with her in my arms anyway? She puked on herself and I didn’t notice (thought it all got on me!) and then she wore that outfit with puke on it; I felt bad when I discovered the puke- poor thing wearing a pukey outfit! What I have come to realize is that if that pukey outfit or the vibe chair bothered her so much she would let me know, this girl is very vocal about her needs and she is tougher than I think.

OH and did I mention that I AM BACK IN MY JEANS! Wahoo! I weighed myself yesterday and I am 2 pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight, how wicked is that. This breastfeeding gig is awesome. I was so happy to not have to wear nasty maternity pants anymore and to be able to pull out all my summer clothes! I nearly cried as I zipped up the zipper and looped the button through the hole. Simple words do not express the joy that I felt, I believe I made a noise that could only be heard by dogs… life is pretty good 🙂


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  1. Just you wait… she’ll be a teenager one day!!!!

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