She’s Like a Small Farm Animal…

2009 May 26 002

 Last night we experienced out first “blow out” poop. Everly had been a bit grumpy for 24 hours and wasn’t sleeping as well as she had for the first two weeks. We figured something was up, but being new parents just did what we could and had to wait and see if anything we did helped. B took her for her diaper change and  you could hear the shock in his voice when he pulled her swaddling blanket off (the swaddling was one of said attempts to calm her)… he called me into the bedroom and the picture above is what we found. She busted out from both sides of her diaper!!! We are lucky though that more didn’t come up her back, lol. He said, “she is like a small farm animal,” and we both laughed our butts off. It’s great in the beginning when poop is still funny. Everly went directly into a nice warm bath and the little jammies did the same to soak overnight. Here she is below enjoying her spa treatment… 

2009 May 26 025

 I am happy to report that last night she slept her usual full 5 hours and then another 3. For one night there we had a typical newborn- waking every 1 to 2 hours. I don’t know how people do that for weeks at a time



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