The Nobel Prize…

In my opinion, the inventor of the swing we bought for Everly should win the nobel prize. This thing does it all and then some. We can dock the ipod, it swings 4 different ways, has nature sounds and womb sounds and vibrations… basically it just doesn’t feed or change the baby for you. Since little missy has decided to be awake all day this thing has been a gift from the gods as it allows me to eat and pee occasionally, lol.

2009 Jun 01 026

2009 Jun 01 013

We visited the doctor and the midwife today and found that baby is weighing in at 8 pounds! She is a little porker. They said that all looks good despite her baby acne, vomiting, fussiness and gas- they say this is a typical baby… well this is not the typical baby we had for the past 2.5 weeks, so where did that baby go? I think it’s a cruel joke that mother nature plays on you with giving you and angel baby and then with the snap of someone’s fingers you get a fussy fusserton mcgee. Actually I really shouldn’t complain, it’s just that we did have it so good for a while there and the fall to reality was a hard one! We have to keep things in perspective though, she is still a really good baby and cries very little so in conclusion I guess I should stop complaining and feel lucky… but we just had it so good… okay done, done complaining.


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