Ice, Ice Baby


Those of you in Victoria, know that we have had a couple of hot days this week. I for one, love the heat and the sunshine so it was a little difficult to not be out in the sun frying myself (I know, it’s bad but I do wear sunscreen at least!). Little Everly coped with the heat quite well, I think it helps that we live downstairs and it stays fairly cool. I also like to think that her time in the womb spent in Mexico and the Dominican Republic helped, hmmm, maybe we should do that again this winter to prep her for next summer… it’s just a thought. Brandon, it seems, did not think she was coping well and decided that he might try some things to help to “cool her down.” First he gave her a sip of water, which she promptly spat out, then he got an icepack (wrapped in a towel he later quipped in defense of himself) and then held it to Everly. Needless to say to anyone who knows babies, she did not react well to his “intervention.” She started crying quite strongly and he quickly brought her to me (I was enjoying some mom alone time at his request so you have to love this irony). I asked him what was up and he quickly admitted to what he had done and joked that in her screams Everly was saying “dad’s trying to kill me, help!” If you had told me about this situation before the baby was here I would have thought that I would get mad, but I didn’t I had to laugh and make fun of him softly. He was just trying to help her, it was actually kind of sweet. Everly probably has a different opinion which she expressed this morning when she puked on his Green Bay Packers shirt for the 5th time.

2009 Jun 04 010

She may have smiled yesterday also, this was directed towards her dad who was talking to her in a funny voice and making equally funny faces. He was able to illicit a smile 3 times, but later on that day we couldn’t get her to do it again… so we will call her social smile an “emerging skill.” What’s exciting about an emerging skill is that it is close to becoming an acquired skill and I can’t wait for the day that happens.

It is looking like she is turning out to be a bit of a daddy’s girl. He sure is a fun dad. He gives her food mom won’t already (water) and exposes her to new and exciting experiences (ice) and even helps to prepare her for walking; I later had to tell him that her ‘steps’ are a reflex that will disappear soon. Oh well, it’s cute now and it’s 100% heartwarming to see them together that’s for sure.

2009 Jun 04 016

I am happy to say that she is back to her old self. Once we found out what the issue was (ahem… Miss Piggy), we were able to adapt and she is now way more comfortable, which makes us more comfortable, which makes her more comfortable… you get the point- everyone is more comfortable these days and it’s great. Back to business as usual as you can see below…

Back to business as usual!

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