Summertime And The Living’s Easy… well maybe not…

On Sunday Everly was playing on a blanket on our deck; she was having a great time cooing and squealing and even rolled to her side (yeay). Then, out of the blue Cairo comes screaming by and steps on her face. I jumped forward to grab her just as she was taking a deep breath in to let out the most terrible cry I have ever heard. She was not hurt, just scared- but at 5 weeks that’s enough to turn your world upside down. I cuddled her close to help calm her and then nursed her (here begins the cycle of her comforting herself with food, I know) and she eventually relaxed and had a little sleep. My dad came down to check on us, because of course I was crying too- big alligator tears of guilt; how could I let this happen to her. Well my dad said to me this is the first lump/bump of many to come and you can’t protect them from everything. I wanted to say yes I can, but really no I can’t. It’s hard when those you love are sad or hurt; it’s much, much worse when those who are sad or hurt are the ones you are meant to protect. For those of you that know me well, you know that I am a teensy bit accident prone and this experience led me to think of how my parents must have felt all the times I was seriously injured or sick. I shared this with my dad and he said, I don’t even want to think about it. You must have to learn to toughen up your skin a little being a parent.
2009 Jun 14 008

Her poor left eye!

Sunday also was her day of major poops. She dropped some serious bombs. The first one of the day was seriously the largest poop of her entire life, I thought she wouldn’t poop for 2 days after that one, but oh no! It was followed by two more that were epic. How does something so tiny produce so much poop? She has been eating non-stop these past 3 days and almost eating double at each feeding. I thought she hit a growth spurt 3 weeks ago- HA! From about 6:00pm to 10:00pm this kid is practically attached to my boob, lol. The good thing about this though is that she is sleeping great. The last 3 nights we have gotten 6 hours straight, she has fooled us with this pattern before, so let’s hope this time it is here to STAY! She and dad add up our weekly sleep total below…

2009 Jun 12 030

Summertime has been great to us. We can’t ask for better weather to be off with. Miss Everly and I get outside every day to enjoy the sunshine, even if it is just for a walk around the block. We have also been going to baseball games and picnics at Beacon Hill Park. Life doesn’t get much better. Someone tries on their sunglasses below… Elton eat your heart out.

2009 Jun 12 040

2009 Jun 12 047

This week also marked her first visit to Japanese Village. She slept nearly the entire time, which was great because I got to chow down at my fav place to eat. She must have recognized all the familiar smells and felt right at home, I was there nearly every week during my pregnancy! It was fun to show her off to all of the staff that had watched me grow and grow and grow… yes they know us there, it’s almost like Cheers.

First trip to JV!

First trip to JV!


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  1. m4k2004

    What a precious baby! Sure takes me back, can’t believe it’s been 8 years since my first was born :(. Enjoy this beautiful girl…and good sleep like you had before never comes back LOL!

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