A Smiling Fool

We are seeing big, big, big smiles now a million times a day! I remember two weeks ago when they would be here and there and they were this giant novelty breakthrough that got us all cheering and smiling too… well not much has changed, just the fact that we are cheering and smiling a million times a day now too, LOL! She started to giggle on Thursday night when Auntie Megan and I were tickling her and making funny noises. She giggled for us three times and nearly had the both of us in tears. It’s funny now how a not so good day can be erased entirely by one smile session. My favourite is when she smiles at me as she opens her eyes in the morning, no matter what kind of night we had, the morning is always great 🙂

2009 Jun 18 004- crop

Smiles for mommy!

*Note: you may want to skip this paragraph for the TMI factor if poop offends you***Now I have a question for all of you moms out there, how did you find time to even poop when you had a newborn? I just have to wonder… did you let the baby cry, try to wait until the baby was sleeping, take advantage of a helper? I think with having IBS it might make things a little more difficult for me as I never know what is going to um, happen. On Wednesday, after a particular binge on Grandma Sharon’s yummy cookies, I felt my tummy bubbling with what I knew was not going to be good. Everly had just woken up and she was hungry… so what was I to do? Well I can tell you what I did; I brought her in there with me and fed her on the toilet (for the record this is the second time this has happened. Fortunately she just wanted a quick drink, but then she didn’t want to be sitting or held, so I put the hand towel on the floor for her to lay down and play; she was happy! I was flushing frequently and then one flush the toilet kept running- it had broken 😦 I took the back of the tank off and had to flush by putting my hand inside to pull up the flapper, then baby decides she is not happy anymore and starts crying… so there I was sitting on the toilet (in pain with tummy craps too I might add) with a crying baby at my feet and my hand inside a toilet tank, I though to myself wow, this is motherhood at its finest. Needless to say that when B came home, he was quickly notified that the toilet needed fixing. I repeated the story to him and you could see that he was trying to hold back the laughter and so I just had to laugh too… it’s funny NOW, but wasn’t so funny then!

2009 Jun 18 012

Getting cleaned up after a big poop... she fell asleep!

So 3 weeks ago she was in an intense growth spurt and eating every 45 minutes or so between 6:00pm and 10:30pm… well it’s back and with a vengence! I can not believe the amount that this baby can pack away. I was reading in one of my books that it is her way of increasing my milk supply so that I can sustain her increasing HUNGER. I am scared about this as my breasts are at epic proportions already. What’s annoying about this is that everyone feels the need to point this out… “wow your boobs are huge” or “look at the size of your boob” um, yeah, I hadn’t noticed and thanks for pointing that out. My favourite is getting called tits mcgee by one well meaning friend (I use well meaning loosely). I have had a larger chest all my reproductive years so I thought I was fairly used to the attention that my buxom buddies get, but now in my new state of motherhood I find I am more and more self conscious. I know, I know, I shouldn’t complain because “women pay good money to have breasts like mine” but I am complaining so deal with it. What’s funny though is my lack of embarrassment while feeding her. I have decided that a breast, whilst attached to a baby, is like a fork; it’s simply a feeding utensil. Often the person seeing the exposed breast is more uncomfortable than me, I just gotta feed my baby. Boobs and poop what a post!

2009 Jun 19 015-1

Looking cute and innocent 🙂


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