Burt’s Bees on my Bits

I just have to say how much I love the Baby Bee products by Burt’s Bees. They work like a dream, smell great and are all natural and safe for baby. With the large amount of diaper changes that we do, and the absurdness of some of them (how do you have so much poop that it comes up the front and back and out both legs??) these products have helped to keep little Everly’s baby bits just as nice as the day they came out into this world 🙂 Did I mention they smell nice too? The diapers and wipes we have been using are just about the best diapers out there too if you ask me. They are made by a company called Broody Chick but we refer to them as the chicken diapers. The diapers are hypoallergenic, contain no harmful products, are soft to the touch and come up high on the back (can’t imagine what those poops would have looked like in the other diapers we were using!) oh and they are 100% compostable … how cool is that. Babies have such large carbon footprints for such little feet so we decided why not reduce hers in the practical ways that we can!
Hurray for Burt's Bees!

Hurray for Burt's Bees and Chicken diapers!

With the help of her Auntie Jackie (who pushed the kid out), Everly welcomed a new playmate into the world on Friday June 19 at 12:38am. To celebrate the event we just had to do a photoshoot of these two soon to be bestest buds. Our two families are looking forward to tons of fun times and adventures together! Yeay to Quinton’s arrival and heaps of congrats to the Macdonalds!
Quinton & Everly

Quinton & Everly

On Tuesday we had out last visit with our AWESOME midwife Julia Stolk. We will be sad to not visit her anymore 🙂 Everly weighed in at 9 pounds, 10 ounces and 23 inches long… she has gained 3 pounds and 4 inches since birth, this explains all the eating! Our midwife said she would have been happy if Everly had only gained 2 pounds so she was thrilled to see it was 3. She also commented on E’s strength holding up her head and how vocal she is. I always tell people that if Miss Everly is awake she is making noise, they think I am kidding but I am not. This kid grunts and coos and screeches, she makes all of these beautiful sounds. When we were in an elevator yesterday a lovely elderly woman commented on what a “delicate little thing” Everly is… not to be pigeon holed, Everly let out her signature whopping grunts and showed that looks can be deceiving- some people say she takes after me, this may have been one interaction that is proving those people right.
Big Girl!

Big Girl!


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