Where Did June Go?

When I first brought Everly home I remember thinking that danger lurked around every corner… or doorway, or staircase, or floor or street… you get the picture. I was almost able to find the danger in every situation. I remember thinking jeeze, if I drop her she is going to hit her head on this floor and probably die (my grasp would tighten), or walking down the stairs I would calculate how I could fall so that she would stay protected (holding the handrail a little tighter). I thought that maybe I was a tad nuts and that whole post-partum depression/anxiety thing was coming for me, however as time went on I relaxed a little and the hypervilliagnce took a backseat. It wasn’t until this week when a friend of mine brought it up that I remembered how paranoid I used to be. My friend expressed similar feelings and A-HA I was not crazy anymore, this is perhaps something that all new moms go through. I mean afterall we did carry them for how long and then we gave birth to them (both of those scenarios being easier on some than others!), we have quite a bit of time and energy invested into these little guys to just let something happen to them… not on our watch that’s for sure. Over time, though I think that you realize that things are going to happen to them, your baby will get hurt one day- perhaps stepped on by the dog? You are not going to anticipate it (that’s what an accident is!). Our jobs are more to keep those hurts to a minimum, to be there to soften the pain and to cuddle away the tears. Below is our little ones out in the big bad world… make sure to grip that stroller handle extra tight at the intersection… you never know when it is going to roll into traffic… just saying…

2009 Jun 27 005


I like to think that part of my payback for a crappy pregnancy is the smooth transition I have had with breastfeeding. Everly knew what to do, it just took me learning how to follow her lead; um, a rather demanding lead at times, it was a little hard to not pick it up! I did not get bruised, cracked or bleeding nipples and I have not been engorged (thank my lucky stars). But it became time to introduce her to the bottle so that I can have a little bit of freedom one day. I researched the best time to introduce the bottle (4-6 weeks of age), what time to pump (first thing in the morning when you get up) and how much milk I really need to collect (5 ounces is considered enough at this age). So I went for it and for one week now I have been pumping breastmilk every morning and B has been feeding her one bottle every day. This process of pumping is quite sadistic, I found the pump more painful than her (although I have heard the opposite from other moms), however I have pushed on. When I first started I was lucky to get 2 ounces in 20 minutes of pumping and it was an extra 20 minutes that I was tied down in addition to all of the other feeding times at the zoo. On the second day I was a bit clumsy with the bottle that I had pumped and some of it dumped out onto the counter. I remember looking at that spilled breastmilk and being so pissed off. Pumped breastmilk for a nursing mom is like yard time for a prision inmate (pumped milk = FREEDOM), we have not had such a mishap since. Things are going great now though, I am happy to say that after one week pumping no longer hurts, I can get 5 ounces in 10 minutes and I can pump at the same time as I feed her- the tandem nurse. Oh and she took to the bottle no problem at all! I partially credit the bottles we are using and partically credit her dad for doing such a great job with the delivery!

Hurray for pumping!

Hurray for pumping!


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