We’re Back!

So you may have noticed that it’s been a while since my last posting… um only a week or so! Well we have been busy! Construction on the baby’s room is now finished; the last details are just being polished up with photos of the completed project coming soon. We are so excited to have the room done, but did not know how much extra work it was going to be to put everything away and organize it all. I am an organizer for sure, so this task has taken me longer than it would the average bear, because I organize like I play Tetris, everything has it’s place and needs to be put away for maximum space use. I have this bizarre sense of pride that overtakes me when I look at a tetris’esque wall of organizables and how beautiful I have made it- apparently I get this from my maternal grandfather! So be prepared to see bookshelves arranged with books in descending height!

Her closet... Cairo sniffing out some poopey jammies- eww!

Her closet... Cairo sniffing out some poopey jammies- eww!

Also last week, we made our first trip over to Vancouver. The trip was only two nights but it took us nearly the next day and a half to get back into our groove again! Travelling with a baby, wow, I did not anticipate how interesting that was going to be, I really should have because having a baby makes everything interesting, but shock of shockers I did not see this one coming. Now I have always been one for road rage or acute travellers impatience, this is a fact, I accept it and admit to it 100%. I thought that once I had a child I would relax more and not care so much but boy was I wrong- it is only intensified. Say for example that you are about to drive off the ferry and your child has just fallen asleep (sigh, you might have an easy drive into the city!), then the idiot in the car in front of you remembers that he left something on the passenger deck and LEAVES HIS CAR, now you are boxed in… oh and now the 3 extremely loud and annoying Harley Davidson bikes (what else) rev their engines to a deafening rumble; guess what- the baby wakes up. I wanted to pull out my hair at the potential danger of this situation, however it worked out. Idiot got back into his car in time and we drove off and she fell asleep again. All I could think of was Vancouver gridlock and a screaming baby= not pretty. Oh and the ferry itself wasn’t that bad considering the fact that I was preoccupied with how I would keep her afloat should the boat go down and we didn’t have a PFD or rescue boat- always thinking, LOL!

Her first ferry ride!

Her first ferry ride!

A friend of mine suggested a book to me called The Wonder Weeks. This book is an absolute GEM and I recommend it to anyone with an infant/toddler. It breaks down baby’s development into particular weeks detailing which weeks can be tricky (The Wonder Weeks) and which are heaven (The Sunny Periods). This book has been so bang on for us it is almost like it was written for my daughter. She is just exiting a Wonder Week now and entering into what we are hoping is a nice long sunny patch. Just a hint… sometimes the wonder lasts longer than a week and in case you haven’t guessed, “wonder week” is a positive catch phrase that the authors use instead of the more appropriate tile of; Who is this demon child, I want my baby back!

"Wonder Week"
“Wonder Week”
"Sunny Patch"

"Sunny Patch"

If there is one thing I really miss on a daily basis about life before baby it is eating food that is steaming hot. Anyone who is a parent will know what I am talking about. You finally get some found time to eat and you prepare something great, you are excited to eat it knowing it is going to be so yummy and fulfilling, and then the baby wakes up or becomes discontent or spits out the pacifier and you of course tend to the baby. The baby somehow knows that you are about to eat and continues their tirade. After nearly 10 minutes (which feel like 30 seconds) you are free to eat again, only surprise, surprise- the food is cold and into the microwave it goes. If you are lucky you get to wolf down the reheated (sometimes twice reheated) food in record time before your little angel Mussolini needs assistance again. I used to be a slow eater, someone who enjoyed their food and I was a little bit methodical (bordering on OCD for sure) with the way I ate some things, well I have the cure for borderline OCD eaters- have a freaking baby!

Mmmm, hot fist!

Mmmm, hot fist!


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  1. kristen

    oh jess, i can relate to so many of the things you blog about! luckily i’m at the point where i can eat dinner when it’s still hot the first time around…give it a few years and you will be there too. Patience is a virtue i tell ya!

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