10 Weeks And Counting!

Baby has been making some major leaps in these past weeks. She has rolled from her front to her back and her back to her front, she can reach out to swat an object, has even grasped an object that she reached out towards and will hold and shake a rattle that is placed in her hand. She makes many different sounds (both soft and loud) and has perfected the high pitched squeal. Her new sound is “da” to be added with “ga” and “ba” along with the vowels. She has nearly got the laughing out loud thing figured out (in the beginning she chocked on her own spit mid-laugh) and giggles as she smiles her fool head off. If this baby is awake she is making noise and moving! She weights in around 12 pounds and is 24 inches long, not too shabby for 10 weeks. With all of this growth she has also been craving some independence; she will fuss to be let on her own sometimes. So I put her down and try to get some things done, well her desire is short lived, because after 2 minutes she wants me to pick her up again- are you kidding baby? You’re bored already? So would pick her up and entertain her until she seemed like she wanted some alone time to play and then the cycle would repeat itself. I was given some great advice that my day should be a balance. Some time with baby entertaining her and some time with baby learning to entertain herself while I get some daily chores done, or just plan eat and pee. My advice giver said that out of the 12 hours baby is awake I should not be entertaining her for 10 and running around like a chicken with my head cut off for the other 2 trying to get things done… REALLY? Hmmmm? So that brought up the question for me of “baby learning how to entertain herself” versus “neglect.” Of course like every new mom I think that every time I am not holding her she is being neglected. You are constantly bombarded by people and books and other sources telling you to stimulate your baby so that you don’t end up with a dud, I especially have this pounded into my head seeing that I am in this field of work. I always think, “if I leave her alone will she not end up as smart as she could be?” Ah on the contrary, the reverse is true I have discovered! Baby needs alone time to become smart! She needs to figure out her world and make sense of it for herself in her own brain and to manipulate the world around her (something tells me she will not have troubles with the manipulation part). Now this does not mean that I leave her on the floor or in her bouncy chair to cry! Just that I encourage her to play with her own hands. I fold laundry by sitting on the floor next to her so that I am close by, but she is not held, I make dinner while she sits on her bouncy chair in the kitchen and like now, I type as she plays on the bed. I talk to her and reassure her that I am here and she is smart and beautiful and just plain perfect, but for the most part I try to leave her be! I figure that if I can do this in many small 15 minute stints during my day we are laughing and dud free.

Entertaining herself!

Entertaining herself!

Now that baby’s room is almost finished, I will no longer be left with the “she doesn’t have a crib” excuse for her not sleeping in her own bed. I am not sure why North Americans are in such a rush to have their babies be independent, because then they all complain when their kids become teenagers and hate them. I am of the belief that you take what you get when you can get it, right now baby wants me around, and I am going to soak that up so that I at least have these memories when she thinks I am an embarrassment to the human race. But seriously, eventually it will be time for her to sleep in her own bed, so when is that? I read that around about 3 months is a good age to start the transition, as at that time you can actually be hindering their sleeping routines by having them in bed with you and that the risk of SIDS isn’t as high if you have a full term healthy infant. So 3 months then… are we going to say 3 months? I figure that I will try to have her napping in the crib first, so let’s start with that at 3 months… already backsliding, in the next sentence no less; oh I am a lightweight, lol. I think the other huge piece of the reluctance puzzle is that I am not ready to give up my 7 to 8 hour solid sleeps right now. It has been a steady progression to get to this and I am going to enjoy it for a while I think, well 4 more weeks- because then she will be 3 months (LOL!).

Still happy as a clam in mom and dad's bed!

Still happy as a clam in mom and dad's bed!

Going to the movies with your baby sounds like a great idea doesn’t? You get out of the house and get to see all these fancy summer movies just like all of your childless friends and you spend some time with baby. It sure sounded like a good idea to me and I am happy to say that for the most part it is! At the very least, it has taught me a lot about mothers. I believe that anyone who is considering having children should attend one Stars and Strollers viewing at Silvercity. Stars and Strollers is a once weekly showing of a current movie especially for parents and children- pretty much so that you don’t have to worry if your little angel decides to try out their new squeal during a pivotal moment in the plot. Watching the mothers at Stars and Strollers is almost as interesting as the movies themselves; you have one mother who has to stand the whole movie doing squats with her baby in the Bjorn (you will be jealous of her legs and buns later!), another three or four moms (at least) will be feeding their babies, other moms are offering toys or trying to lay their sleeping babies in car seats… and everyone else is doing some sort of soothing in an attempt to watch the movie. One baby spat out her soother, her mom picked it up of the floor, popped it in her mouth and then back into the mouth of her little one, she looked up at me and shrugged her shoulders as she said, “I only brought one, what are you going to do?” And these are mothers- in the full sense of the word. In an attempt to do something for themselves they are still putting their little ones first, some don’t even get to see the end of the movie for crying out loud (no pun intended there, lol). Stars and Strollers= motherhood roles personified.

First time at the movies!

First time at the movies!

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