Is China Nice This Time Of Year?

Being a first time nursing mother I have had to learn the art of breastfeeding in public. Some locations allow for it better than others. For example, at the baseball park you have your nice little chair with arms and a supportive back, plus everyone is watching the game so no one really notices you; at Costco, on the other hand you find yourself sitting between two elderly couples next to the photstation with everyone pushing their mammoth carts right in front of you (please note here that everyone feels the need to stare as it you are doing something you shouldn’t… please also note that I cover myself with a receiving blanket so it’s not like they can see my breast- heaven forbid!). When I am out in public and know that I am going to have to breastfeed I scan the location like my girlfriends used to scan the bar looking for potential hotties.  Each potential location, like each potential hottie, has it’s pros and cons. You just have to look for the middle ground if you can’t find exactly what you are looking for. When I was in Starbucks the other day, I grabbed my drink, all the while looking around for the best place to sit and nurse. I spotted a big comfy couch and noticed (luck of luck) that there was a visual impaired gentleman- this is the kind of location that a nursing mother dreams of, sitting directly across from it. The couch was large, room enough for 3 people, but lucky for me nursing mothers are like people wearing swine flu masks; no one wants to sit beside them if they don’t absolutely have to!
So embarassing!
So embarassing!

I have wondered recently if I should move to china, their one child policy really appeals to me. Why is it that once you push a baby out people immediately start asking you when you are going to have another one? Seriously? You just popped the slimy sucker out, it is fresh in your brain (and lady parts for that matter), are most women thinking of having another so quickly? I have only wanted one biological child. I always said I would have one of my own and then adopt the second if I felt I wanted another. My job exposes me to so many unwanted children and they all need good homes and they are so beautiful. But people seem to really have a problem with me only wanting one child. When they ask me when I am having another, I say that I am not. I always get responses like, why? or you’ll change your mind… or don’t say things like that. What is up with our society; why can’t people have just one child? I have heard the weirdest reasons from people trying to convince me to continue to procreate; my favourites have to be:  1) if something happens to this child you won’t have a child left… hmm, so I am going to have a “plan B” child? something tells me that if (heaven forbid) we lost Everly, knowing that we had another child left would not make us any less sad and angry at the world, and 2) if you and Brandon die the child will be left all alone… well I think having a sibling does not soften the blow of loosing your parents and what about friends and family, do they count for nothing? I think that the environment you create for your child is their nuclear family. I just wish that I could tell people I only want one child and they would respect my decision, just as they respect other people’s decisions to have two children. I also get the impression that these “critics” are insinuating that I don’t like my child or being a mother and well I am here to tell you that THAT IS NOT THE CASE!!! I have been told to just say maybe or sure when I am asked, but I can’t justify lying to people just to make everyone more comfortable. I think that all responsible adults should have the right to independently decide how many people we bring into this world and we should not have to justify ourselves to those who believe otherwise- you don’t see me preaching to everyone that they should only have one! 

C'mon people relax on my mama!
C’mon people relax on my mama!

Everly is rolling from back to front and front to back now- on purpose! It’s pretty darned cute. She gets close to being over and grunts until she flips, she gets the proudest look on her face as I shout hurray, it is the cutest thing in the whole entire world. She also likes eating carrots! Okay not really, but these pretend pictures are pretty funny.

That was good!

That was good!


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  1. Sammy

    I totally agree with ya Jess. I feel the same way that you do, I think we both have that same mind wave on wanting one, and if we want another to adopt. Why have another when you can save a child and have the happiness of that second child. 🙂

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