Suit Shopping

We have a wedding coming up that both Brandon and I will be a part of… this required us to get some fancy new duds. My dress was bought back in February, funny thing was that I the salesgirl encouraged me to buy the size that fit my measurements in February… just a quick reminder here- I was 6 months pregnant- HA! I told her no thanks, my waist doesn’t usually measure at 36 inches, so I got the same size I ordered my wedding dress in. When I went to pick up the dress, I was nearly 9 months pregnant and they asked me if I wanted to try it on; are you kidding me? I reminded them that the wedding was in September and that the baby was coming out in May! I said if I am still this size in September I will not be going to the wedding! So when I tried on this dress I wasn’t sure how it was going to fit… I am delighted to say that I was swimming in it- yahoo! I should have known, as most of my pre-pregnancy clothes are too big now. In my old jeans I get that flattering “I just pooped my pants” look; it’s pretty sexy. Having a baby was the best weight loss strategy ever! Right now I weigh 15 pounds less than I did before I was pregnant and am 100% motivated to get rid of even more insulation.

Everly says... Yeay Mama!

Everly says... Yeay Mama!

Brandon got a new suit. The three of us went to Moores on Wednesday night to help him pick out something dapper! On our way there baby was growling and grunting at her toys in the backseat. I joked to Brandon that either she is really angry at them or pooping, lol. When I got her out of her carseat there was no evidence of poop so I figured we were good. I shifted how I was holding her and then noticed that my left hand was all warm and sticky all of a sudden… well when I looked down at it I realized it was because it was covered in POOP! I let out a grossed out groan and B followed suit. The salesguy started laughing and let us know where the bathroom was. She had blown out of her diaper and the little diaper cover that came with the dress she was wearing. So we found ourselves changing her on the floor of the Moores bathroom, thank goodness for a well stocked diaper bag! We brought her back out to the salesfloor and said to the guy, I bet you have never seen that before, he said actually yes- with elderly people… touche!

Why the em"bare-assing" stories mom? why?

Why the em"bare-assing" stories mom? why?

Will be sure to post pictures of us all in our fancy get ups at the wedding… September 5 is coming up fast Megan and Brendon!!!


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  1. C

    My daughter took about 25Lbs with her when she was breast feeding. Greatest diet ever!

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