We did a fun photo session of 3 best buddies last Wednesday afternoon… here are some of my favourite shots. Quinton at 2 months exactly, Saige at 8 months and Everly at 3 months. The energy and mobility of Saige was significantly different than the younger two, and it was so fun to watch. She let the babies take turns getting beat up, she is actually doing them a favour by making them tougher, lol. Everly just lights up when she watches Saige, she loves her to bits! Everly and Quinton have just started to notice each other. At first Quinton was a typical guy and ignored her for the tv! but now we see shared smiles and adoring gazes. I think there is a love triangle on the horizon 🙂

2009 Aug 19 128-1 2009 Aug 19 170-1

2009 Aug 19 158-1

2009 Aug 19 125-1 2009 Aug 19 015-1

2009 Aug 19 174-1

2009 Aug 19 087-1

2009 Aug 19 037-1


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