Taking Care of Mommy and Daddy

Moms and Dads really need to try extra hard to take care of themselves when baby arrives. Your life takes on new focus as is understandable and necessary. But as we have all been told, we have to take good care of ourselves in order to take care of someone else. Well the same goes for mommy and daddy as a functioning unit. It is so easy to fall into the day to day routine of caring for baby and to act almost like coworkers. I remember reading this in baby books, that relationships can become strained, but I just figured that wouldn’t happen to us because we had such a solid relationship. Well, it can happen and it did. The fact that we had a healthy relationship is what kept us from totally hating each other and splitting up, lol! I can see why many couples have hard times after a baby arrives. We have to actively work on our relationships again, like we haven’t had to in years! Date nights have to become as essential as diapers I think. I read an interview with Angelina Jolie once and she said that she and Brad Pitt put their relationship first… as in before the children. Immediately I thought, wow, that is really odd- shouldn’t the children come first. Of course on cue the interviewer asked the same question… what about the kids? Angelina replied that as long as she and her partner Brad are there for the kids as a team they need to keep their relationship healthy… because if they don’t keep the team healthy, how are they going to keep the kids healthy. I could see the validity in that and I can now more than ever. Yes I realize that she is a celebrity mom and I also understand that according to supermarket tabloids her relationship is falling apart every week so who really knows if she means what she says- but it meant something to me.

2009 Aug 25 069

Everly as a Jolie-Pitt in her black ang gray.

So I started “tweeting” this month at the encouragement of my bud Lauren, and I have to say that it’s pretty fun! I was reluctant to add one more social networking thing to my day, but twitter is very low maintenance and informative- you get right to the point and fast. I like following other moms and seeing what they are up to, it’s so interesting to know that many of us are going through the same things no matter where we are. There is normalcy and strength to be found in numbers : ) I post my blog posts to twitter and now have a little tweet section on the blog (if you have noticed), let’s follow each other!

Tweet Tweet!

Tweet Tweet!

We put Everly in her crib Thursday night for the first time ever, I finally just ripped off the band-aid, figured it wasn’t going to get any easier if I dragged it on! The little peach slept for 8 hours solid- 8 hours without a single peep! I had a terrible sleep though of course, I woke up 2 or 3 or 6 (lol) times to check on her and make sure she was still alive. I am hoping that this wasn’t a one off fluke event and that she really likes sleeping in her crib- she does have more space all to herself and doesn’t have to hear her dad snore, he he he. Let’s hope these nights last, at least until teething starts…

Tubby time before bedtime :)

Tubby time before bedtime 🙂


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