Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are…

I am talking about her teeth! I am thinking that this kid has seriously started teething. Every day she is covered in drool, she chomps on everything she can get in her mouth; she has even mastered the art of putting her entire fist in her mouth! Sometimes she will just randomly cry out with the same cry that she had when she got her immunizations (which makes me think it is a pain cry) and she is hard to settle. A few times we have given her Tempra and that makes her feel better, so I am pretty much convinced she was in pain. I also got some teething drops made by Bug and Pickle that you keep in the fridge and put on their gums, that seems to take the edge off too. The weirdest thing though is that she shows all these indications of teething but her gums don’t show any signs of her baby pearly whites?? Her gums are still hard and pink, not squishy and red like they usually get before the teeth pop out. I am at a loss, please share your teething experiences with me! I know she isn’t too young, as her boyfriend Q has a little tooth peeking out and he is about 6 weeks younger than her!! Yeay baby Q đŸ™‚

Teeth? Are you in there? 

Teeth? Are you in there?

Now on to cradle cap- ewww. Baby has had a litle bit of cradle crap since she was about 8 weeks old. I had just been ignoring it until recently because it wasn’t that bad and didn’t seem to bother her any… but then her hair started to get stringy and it looked like she had half as much and the cradle cap was noticeably thicker and getting more of a yellowish tint so I decided it was time to do something about it! I got some scalp drops made by Bug and Pickle and used them as the bottle recommended- and by jesus they worked! It helped to soften the scales so I could remove them; file “remove them” under gross things you have to do as a mom, I almost felt like I do when I watch operations on tv- I felt a bit nauseated and dizzy, gross! After they were lifted I shampooed 2 times to get all the oil and crust out of her hair and when her hair dried her Christopher Walken do was back and in full effect! According to my Nana, cradle cap traps the little hairs that are trying to grow so you can’t see the hair, makes sense to me. I haven’t done much reading and research on cradle cap… I wonder if it keeps coming back or if it goes away once you “remove it” (ewwww)?

Look mom no scales!

Look mom no scales!

I am happy to share that the crib transition is still going well! The first 3 nights were great, she slept solid for 7 to 8 hours. These last few nights though have shown that she now understands this is how it is going to be and she isn’t 100% sure if she likes it, lol! Last night she woke up at 3:30 am- she has not done this since she was around 6 weeks old!!! I knew though that she can make it 7-8 hours without eating so she wasn’t hungry, I popped the soother back in her mouth and she went back to sleep… until 4:45 am, soother time again… and then at 5:30 and 6:00 and finally at 6:45 she was ready to get up for real. My hope is that this little routine won’t last too long or we might have to go with the Ferber method!

Little jailbird in her stripes!

Little jailbird in her stripes!


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