Oh Baby How Tricky You Are!

Yesterday Everly and I visited our new health care provider Hope. Hope is a nurse practitioner who took us as clients after our doctor broke up with us for having a midwife (grrrr). Anywho, back to the appointment… it was her 4 month well baby check up and Everly did great. She has already more than doubled her birth weight (which is a 6 month goal) and her milestones are right on target! I was concerned about her head shape a little bit and Hope agreed that the back of Everly’s head is looking a bit flat. This time I was not being paranoid, I was actually, legitimately on to something, lol! Now the weird thing about this is that I panicked- wtf? I suspected it, but was still shocked to hear it in a way, I guess since most of my on-the-fly-paranoid-diagnoses were all debunked. So I called Danielle and said, what do I do, what do I do the baby is developing a minor case of cosmetic plagiocephaly! Danielle gave me tips and advice and calmed me down as per usual, what in this wide world would I do without her?? And the weird thing about this is that I would have told a family that I was working with the exact same things, so why did I not tell those things to myself? I know the solutions to lots of these things that I come across and could relay the info to anyone else with a calm, clear head; why do I go to fuzz when it concerns my own child? I guess because emotion gets involved and it blurs your scientist mind?? The reason for this going flat head is the amount of time she spends on her back or laying reclined. She rolls from her tummy to her back so when put her in tummy time she rolls over to get those feet she loves to chew so much. We also go for lots of long walks so she is laying back in her carseat. And let’s not forget that she sleeps at least 8 hours every night- that’s a lot of back time! So Everly, like it or not there is lots of side laying, Bumbo chair and tummy time coming your way!

Is baby trying to crawl away?

Is baby trying to crawl away?

I read an article recently that stated at home moms would get paid $119,000USD each year if they were to get paid for all that they do… a working mom could expect another $61,000USD on top of her regular salary (this obviously goes for dads too), now that explains why I am so busy every day despite feeling like I really don’t do anything at all. All of the laundry and diapers and dishes and toilet cleaning, it adds up over time, lol. I never thought I would say that I miss the days of how I used to be able to clean the house; all at once in a 3 hour burst… now I have to do it piece by piece, chipping away like a sculptor- okay just got a mental picture of myself sculpting our toilet, wow my life is lame sometimes.

Our real masterpiece!

Our real masterpiece!

Lately, with the crib transition in full swing, I have to remind myself that Everly does not do things deliberately to piss me off. I swear, this is a tough one! She did really well in the beginning of the transition but I didn’t because I barely slept. Now she is waking around 4:30am every night and she does not go back to sleep unless you get up and pop the soother back into her mouth; after which she will continue to sleep until about 6:30 or so, all in all it doesn’t seem too bad considering that she is down for the night at 11:00. But you know what, I can’t let go of the fact that she used to sleep that very same stretch SOLID. So here I am now, one week into the transition and I have not had a good nights sleep yet, which only tries your patience even more. I mentioned to Brandon that I am trying to remember that she doesn’t do this to me on purpose and he said well yeah, it would be hard to remember that because you are used to people doing things on purpose to piss you off,  which is 100% true. I keep telling her that we are friends and that friends let friends sleep 7 hours at night uninterrupted. Okay, I know, I am setting the bar high for a 4 month old baby and I get the fact that there are babies twice her age that don’t sleep through the night even as well as she does now, but yep, that’s right, I still can’t let go, lol, just can’t, nope…

Looks can be deceiving! LOL!

Looks can be deceiving! LOL!

Was inspired to try out some new things in Photoshop with graphics and textures and I like the results if I do say so myself! The hard part of this inspiration was not being able to act on it! I think we might have to do all of our breastfeeding sessions at the computer desk for the next few weeks, beats the hell out of watching the Business News network because I sit down before I grab the remote control, lol! Here’s a few of my first creations below, let me know if you recognize the model (he he).


2009 Sep 02 031

2009 Sep 02 043

2009 Sep 02 046

2009 Sep 02 056

2009 Sep 02 070


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