Soother Hunter

Every night there is an action movie running at our house, it is called soother hunter… Soother hunter is the process by which I find all of the soothers that baby has used that day. We have 6 soothers and you think that would be enough to get you through any 1 day, but sometimes it’s pushing it! Things happen to soothers that you just can’t anticipate sometimes. One day I was going pee and I had her on my lap, when I turned around to flush the toilet she spat out the soother and that’s right- it landed right in the pee filled toilet. Another time it landed right in the diaper pail as she spat it out like the old faithful geyser while getter her diaper changed. They constantly fall on the floor and land under the couch or get wedged between couch cushions… I don’t know about the rest of you but the inside of my couch isn’t that clean these days, lol! It’s actually a very fulfilling mission to look high and low and round up all 6 soothers. If one is missing, you don’t even know the joy you feel when you eventually find it. Dads are not as good at finding soothers as moms, this I have learned! I have evolved in my ‘how clean the soother needs to be to enter her mouth’ criteria. I used to round up soothers multiple times each day and wash them if they just popped on the floor for nanoseconds; I would wash them with hot soapy water and then dip them in boiling water! Now I can wait and do it once a day and just soap and water well the toilet and diaper pail ones got boiled for obvious reasons. A girlfriend of mine said wow, you evolved fast- most people don’t get that comfortable with germs until the second baby. I said to her well I realized that in 6 months she will be trying to eat dirt, sand, dust bunnies and who knows what else so I might as well get used to it! I think that today we don’t let kids get dirty enough!!!

You were looking for this???

You were looking for this???

This week I finally had that moment where I realized that Brandon, Everly and I are a family. I am not sure how to really describe it, but it was kind of like before I just though of us as Brandon and Jess with a baby and now I see us for the family that we really are. We were doing our bedtime routine of reading Pijama Time. The three of us were laying on our bed with Everly in the middle as always; she enjoys looking from side to side periodically just to double check that her set up really is as good as she thinks it is. My favourite is when she reaches up and rests her hand on my cheek/chin while Brandon reads. I realize that this gesture from her likely doesn’t mean what I interpret it to mean, but who cares! My other favourite is when she gets really excited by the story and starts slapping one of us periodically in the face… we have learned to use extra caution when her nails are getting long, lol. Anyway back to the story here… The night that I had this realization she was listening quietly, her huge eyes fixed to the pages of her colourful board book. Brandon was reading as usual (he likes to do voices) and I just paused to look at him and then looked at her, the two of them in this other world; I realized then, that I am usually in this world with them, every single night and that this is our world and our tradition. We have a tradition! I thought wow, we’re a family. Over the days following that I noticed more rituals and routines that make us unique and couldn’t help but to think of how all of this will shape Everly into the person that she is going to be and that these moments will become her treasured memories too.

Baby and her dad!

Baby and her dad!

Baby and her mama.

Baby and her mama.


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