Good Thing There Are Cookies In Hell

On the 14th I was thinking that she was finally crib trained! FINALLY! We had ended up going with a method that was between Dr. Ferber and Dr. Sears. If she woke up, we would let her make noise for 5 minutes; if by 5 minutes she hadn’t calmed down on her own, we picked her up and rocked her in the rocking chair. After doing this method, it took 3 nights and she was sleeping seven to eight uninterrupted hours again. I thought at the time, it could just be coincidence or it could be that this worked best for her. I thought, wow, it just goes to show you that sometimes not even 1 or 2 experts know your child better than her parents do! Sometimes you have to tweak things… and then WHACK! Back to waking up again at 4:30am and 3:30am and she was desperate for food- are you kidding me? She had not done this since she was under 8 weeks old. After one particularly rough night I pulled out the Wonder Weeks book and saw the next age was 19 weeks. I asked Brandon how many weeks she was, we didn’t know (we have now progressed to the much simpler age tracking method of months), I said I’ll bet you a million dollars she is 19 weeks. So we counted it up and sure enough- she was 19 weeks exactly (it was Sunday). Wonder Week 12 hit hard in our house and it looks like week 19 (which the book describes as “the most challenging”) is going to hit hard too. Yeay. Let’s hope it doesn’t last the 5 weeks that the book threatens it could. Crib training continues.

"I don't know what you're talking about..."

"I don't know what you're talking about..."

Round #2 of immunizations brought even more crankiness than teething alone, I think that was the worst night we have ever had with her- EVER! Brandon ended up going to sleep on the couch… yes she was in our bed again. I think I made it until about 12:45am with trying to get her to sleep in her crib and it just was not happening so I took her into bed as a last ditch effort; yeah, it didn’t help, she was still up every hour. I would like this cranky, demanding, mood swinging troll that has taken the place of Everly to go back under the bridge from where it came from! I have said it before and will say it again, when you have an otherwise happy baby, these kinds of things hit a little harder, you just aren’t used to it and don’t have the coping strategies in place… well unless you count crying and wanting to eat pastries and cookies all day long coping… some people might.

Getting her chew on wtih Sophie as usual!

Getting her chew on wtih Sophie as usual!

Also part of this challenging new phase in her development is the emergence of a distinct personality from Miss Everly. She now has favourite toys, Sophie and her bunny, and favourite activities, chewing on things and playing in her Jolly Jumper. Used to be that we could take something away from her or transition to a new activity without any real after effects, well not anymore; we get yelled at now and yelled at loud. A friend said to me- welcome to parenting!She is also curious about everything that she sees. Gone are the days where you don’t have to worry about how long her reach is, because if she can reach it, she grabs it! She is constantly demanding that we entertain her; this is more than a full time job. I actually called Danielle and asked if I was a bad mother because I sat her in her swing and turned on the NFL channel so that I could eat lunch. Yes, the baby loves football like nothing else and no, apparently I am not a terrible mother.

Little Miss personality!

Little Miss personality!

Some days I just feel as though I am hitting my head against a brick wall and I feel like a giant failure, because obviously this cranky phase is completely my fault and something that I am doing wrong rather than the developmental process of my child right now- obviously. I think what I find most frustrating is the fact that I can’t control this situation. I have never been unable to do something that I wanted to in my life within reason; I could always just put in a little more effort and creative thinking and make it happen. Despite the kind reassurances of people that things will go back to normal, I can’t help but feel like I have created my own private hell and it is going to be permanent. Hmmmm and I say that I have no idea where my daughter gets her dramatic nature… good thing she is so cute and that her smiles (albeit not as frequent as usual these days) more than make up for it!

Looking innocent!

Looking innocent!


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