At the recommendation of our doctor we have decided to change our sleep routine. She said that since Everly is having a nap after 6:00pm in the evening and not wanting to go to bed for the night until 11:00 we need to bring her bedtime back to earlier in the evening. Monday night she was in bed at 9:00, up to eat at 1:00am, up to eat at 5:00am and then up for the day at 8:30am. Tuesday night she went down again at 9:00pm got up at 1:30am and up again at 6:00am, and the same for Wednesday. After Wednesday she eliminated the 1:30am feeding which was awesome and she has not brought it back. The first night of this new routine she slept pretty fitfully; making a lot of noise and throwing her body around, so on the second and following nights we swaddled her and that seems to make a world of difference. She is still sleeping in our bed, but I put her down alone in the bed and walk away- she always falls asleep. Now why does she not do that in her crib? The little turkey is too smart, she can tell the difference and you know I can’t say that I blame her, I would want to sleep with us rather than on my own too, but the time will come where she needs to learn to go to sleep on her own.

All cuddly!

All cuddly!

When things get hard and I start to vent or complain or just crave that time to myself I almost want her to be a little bit older so that she could colour at the kitchen table for 20 minutes. I feel so bad about this, it’s kind of like I am trying to wish her babyhood away. And I don’t want to do that because that would be wishing part of her life away and there are joyful pieces we would be missing out on too. The unpredictability is just murdering me though. Every night I wonder, will we sleep tonight, when will she get up, will she go down in her own crib (because I still do try every night regardless of how the night before went). What I have come to realize is that no matter what we get through it, the day goes on, the week goes on and we get by. The flipside of this is that just because I realize it to be true, it does not mean that I have learned to accept it. What’s that saying… acknowledging is half the battle or something or other??



We had our x-ray appointment last Wednesday. I was so worried about how it might go and how exactly they were going to get a 4 month old baby to lay still. Well it went so well and she stayed still because B and I were in there with her (with our super awesome lead vests) trying to keep her attention. I think it really helped that we knew the x-ray technician, so it made it much less scary. We also got to see the x-rays and wow, do babies heads look nutty, they have a huge cranium and just these tiny little jaws, they totally look like aliens. You can also see how big their cheeks are compared to their actual bones and all of the teeth (damned teeth) that they have stored away. I tried really hard to see if any teeth were near the surface and I couldn’t see anything that made sense to me, wishful thinking I guess, lol!

Our little alien, lol!

Our little alien, lol!

I finally broke down and allowed an exersaucer into our home. I was against them 100% due to what I have heard from physiotherapists about the potential developmental dangers about them (hyperextended calf muscles, delayed gross motor skills, etc…), but you know what, it came time for some help! I can’t leave her on her back or in anything that puts pressure on the back of her head (swing, vibrating chair, car seat) while I do chores or make dinner and she was quickly becoming bored with the Bumbo and Jolly Jumper. I might have been more hesitant to put her in it if she didn’t freaking LOVE it, but man does she LOVE it in there. Her face lights up with all of the activities and she just moves from one item to the next as she sees fit. The risk of the exersaucer, is like the risk of anything- use it too much and there will be effects of using it too much. The thing I have come to realize about Everly is that we can’t neglect her or leave her in something too long because she gets bored so quickly. Even in her fancy new exersaucer we get 15 – 20 minutes tops and then we have to move on to something else. Brandon asked me last night if I thought she has ADHD, I said yep, I am pretty sure she does; he asked this while baby was playing on our bed moving her head quickly from side to side, scratching our pillows with both hands and screaming happily. Now I know that an ADHD diagnosis at this age is obscene, but she sure is curious and she tires quickly of looking at the same thing- kind of makes sense why she is tired of me at the end of the day and won’t smile, but has a huge smile for her dad the minute he walks in the door- Benedict Arnold Baby!

In her exersaucer!

In her exersaucer!


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