Because I am a Girl

Today I received an email from Bryan Feheley asking me to use my influence as a blogger, apparently I am an infulential blogger- how cool is that! Brian is involved with an amazing project that may have a huge impact on all of our daughters. Part of the project is a documentary, which “is the cornerstone of a campaign that aims to enlist girls in Canada in the fight against gender inequality around the world by raising awareness of the plight of girls in the poorest regions of the planet and their untapped potential to be powerful agents of change for their families, communities and nations.” Pretty freaking AWESOME if you ask me! The Vancouver portion of filming will take place on Friday October 16th: Robson St. between Hornby & Jervis 4-6 pm. If you can make it to this, please go and support this project! If you can’t visit the website and support the campaign that way! We owe it to our girls 🙂 Thanks everybody!

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