Sleep Habits And New Hobbies!

Everly’s x-ray results came back and it looks like everything is okay. The doctor said that this is just the shape of her head and that we didn’t do anything to cause it and could not have done anything to prevent it. I kind of feel like a huge ass, but at the same time the doctor thought there was cause for concern so it wasn’t like I was completely off my rocker. The rear fontanel has fused just fine and she has no signs of flathead at all. Apparently if it were flathead she would have signs of it on other parts of her skull (e.g. bulging front of her head or sides of her head). So thank goodness our little girl is just fine. A friend said to me early on that it could just be a quirk and that I should take into account where this child is coming from (me) and well that friend was right as usual. This experience really opened my eyes though, I thought of all the worries and things yet to come- holy Pandora’s Box! Am trying to stay focused on the here and now though- as in she is healthy and happy and I can’t sit here and worry about the day that she has her first cold or scrape, it’s going to happen and just like this experience, we will all get through it.

I don't know why you worry so much mom... says Everly confused...

I don't know why you worry so much mom... says Everly confused...

So we are 3 weeks into the new sleep routine and I am thinking that it’s time to try out the old crib again. She is slowly taking up more and more space in our bed and waking us up with her own night murmuring and tossing (which does not wake her up!), I wonder if she might have a better sleep in her crib without us to interrupt her too. I guess at this point I also feel like the problem could be me, maybe I don’t want to let go and accept the fact that she might not need me. Or maybe I don’t want to let go of the convenience of having her right next to me for night feedings and “signs of life” checks (you know what those are if you have had a baby, lol!). Now I totally get that Everly really doesn’t have much of a sleep “disorder” and she is not a terrible sleeper compared to the horror stories that you hear, but when you know the child is capable of sleeping for 8 hours in her own crib without a peep, you want to return to that nice routine; why suffer if you don’t have to, and why let her suffer if you don’t have to. She needs her sleep as much as we do and we are doing a disservice to her to let her continue to develop poor sleep habits I think. I was recently told about the Sleepsense Program by a fellow mom and decided to download it. I think it’s time to get some tools in the old tool belt and give crib sleeping a go again. I have decided that I am going to blog about the process so that people know how it goes, good or bad and then people might know what to expect when they try this at home (he he he). Tonight will be the first night, wish us luck.

Get used to being happy in that crib baby!

Get used to being happy in that crib baby!

So now with all this talk about sleep, what I wonder is why are babies expected to fall asleep with a whole lot of noise around them. I know we don’t want them to wake when a pin drops or a door opens, but do we expect adults to fall asleep with noise around them? I know some adults that can not fall asleep if there is one speck of noise or light around them so why do we expect so much from babies. I know it is noisy in the womb and all of that hullabaloo, they are also constantly moving too and we are not expected to keep them constantly moving; on the contrary we are supposed to place them down in their crib and expect them to sleep on their own with no helpful movement at all! Everyone says, oh you have to get them used to noise and falling asleep when it is noisy- really? I can’t fall asleep when there is a party happening around me, why should I expect my daughter to, and why do I need my daughter to, it’s not like we throw parties now that we have a baby. Just something I have wondered lately…

Everly's trying to throw a party, Quinton is not impressed!

Everly's trying to throw a party, Quinton is not impressed!

My new hobby is combining graphic design and photography, I am in love with this process it is such an amazing creative outlet! Recently I have taught myself how to use Adobe Illustrator and tons of new tricks and tools in Photoshop. I have been downloading free resources like a maniac and am really looking forward to making all sorts of personalized greeting cards, invitations and much more! I have decided to start doing this work as a business in addition to photography services. So for all of you out there planning on sending out Christmas cards… why not get a new family photo and greeting card made custom for your family rather than the same old Costco/London Drugs/Walmart variety that everyone else will have!!! Just saying… 🙂 Here are a few of my new creations…

Everly Storyboard


Everly- Halloween


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