Sleepsense Program Progress

Well… I took the file of the sleepsense program guide into Staples to get it printed and they told me that it would be ready tomorrow, not good news when you want to start something TODAY! Won’t be good to start tomorrow either because we have our Tuesday night date with Auntie Megan 🙂 and Everly will be understandably distracted, he he he. So it looks like I can spend Tuesday evening reading the guide and we can start on Wednesday! She has gone to sleep really well the past 2 nights. I have laid her down in our bed awake and she falls asleep within 10 minutes without much of a fuss at all… I am laying next to her though, but I don’t acknowledge her, I just lay there reading and ignore her. I am hoping that she will remember this falling asleep thing when we put her back in the crib. She also slept both nights for 12 hours 8:30pm to 8:30am) waking just once to eat around 4:00am, not too bad at all. I am hoping that my mind’s creations are way worse than the actual reality of this experience about to come, lol! She did good the first time we put her in her crib until teething started, argh, teething! Only time will tell I guess.


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