Okay so what I am wondering is why is this so hard for me to figure out. If I were approaching this as a professional and Everly were on my caseload I would know just what to do and say, it sucks being emotionally involved, it clouds your better judgement I think. There has to be a happy medium.

She has slept pretty good today, is down for her third nap right now. I have learned that just because she wakes up after napping for 30 minutes it doesn’t really mean that she is ready to get up yet. This morning she slept for 90 minutes, mid afternoon was 30 minutes (we had company so she got to get up- bad me for not keeping routine) and currently we are fighting to get another 90 minutes… she has woken twice, but I put the soother back in and she went back to sleep, so she must still be tired I figure.

Aiming for her to be asleep for 7:30 tonight we will see if that happens. bedtime routine starts at 6:30, wish us luck!


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