Night Number One

I con’t believe I am writing this but last night, after Everly had her crying fit she did not wake up again until 5:00am! 5:00am, can you believe that! She woke up wide awake too, so instead of feeding her and putting her back into her crib for a 5:00am crying fit I just brought her back to our bed and fed her and then she continued sleeping until 8:15! I could not believe it. But I was told the first night is hard, the second night is worse and the third night is almost unbearable… only for the fourth night to bring huge improvements, so I am a little bit anxious to see what tonight has in store for us.

What I did last night to de-stress after bedtime!

What I did last night to de-stress after bedtime!

She did pretty good with naps today, no soother and no swaddle and she fell asleep with under 10 minutes of crying. We started a naptime routine as well (basically a smaller version of our bedtime routine) to help her recognize that it is time to go to sleep and I honestly think it helps. The more cues the better so she starts to anticipate what will be happening. I have read that one day she will begin to look forward to the routine because it will mean that she gets to sleep at the end and she will learn to love sleep- which is true, we all do eventually 🙂

When naps ATTACK!

When naps ATTACK!

I think my biggest struggle with this whole new routine continues to be keeping up with life as normal while respecting her needs. I need to get out and do things or I go bat crazy, but she needs the consistency and predictibility of home while she is starting this new routine. What I have been trying to do is leave the house as soon as she gets up and then try my darndest to get back home before it is naptime again. I tried to put her down at a friend’s house today and it just wasn’t working on her own so I laid next to her until she fell asleep. It felt mean to leave her all alone when she didn’t really know where she was. One day I hope we get to the point where she will nap at other people’s houses otherwise our lives end at bedtime and that is not any fun unless we get lots of babysitters to come over here, lol!

Is it time to go out yet mama?

Is it time to go out yet mama?

I am in love with her feet right now! Ever since they started to get chubby I just can’t help but want to eat them up, all the time, lol. Baby feet have to be the cutest things in the whole entire world. Although the flipside of this is that now her feet are growing she is starting to grow out of shoes and some of them are going to be hard to let go. I am kicking myself in the ass for not buying the next size up in those gold slippers!

Cute fat baby feet :)

Cute fat baby feet 🙂

Now that dad participates in the bedtime routine Everly just doesn’t know what to do sometimes. When she sees him doing “Banana’s Unite” she just stares at him with this weird face. She smiles at me and stares at him. She makes the same face when he dances to the tune of her toys- it’s almost like she knows it is a little out of character for him already, babies are pretty smart! Well it’s that or she thinks he is a terrible dancer too. Of all the gifts and talents that her father has and of alll the good things that he provides for his family, dancing is not one of them, lol!

Dad... what are you thinking, lol!

Dad... what are you thinking, lol!

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  1. kj

    Wow! She’s such an angel.. So cute!!!

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