She blew us away last night! After she finally stopped crying she slept for 11 hours without waking up. She made a few fuss noises in her sleep once or twice but I only kind of remember waking up a little bit. She got up to eat at 6:30am, had a bit of a doze and then was up for the day at 7:30am. I am so amazed and realize how much more sleep she actually needed! When I first read the Sleepsense guide I did not believe that she would sleep like they said she would. I figured great, we put her to bed at 7:30 and she is going to be up at 3:30am (because up to this point 8 hours was the longest stretch she would do), but no, they were right! And how do you know until you try? I thought as well that she would cry for hours and hours and get up multiple times during the night and cry for hours and hours, I have learned to give her more credit for being able to learn.

One thing I am going to do is pick up a humidifier, our place is all electic heat and when she wakes up her poor little lips are dried out đŸ˜¦ I also think it would provide some white noise, which would be good because our house can get noisey at times (a-hem Cairo!). Last night after she finally went to sleep, I said that if Cairo woke her up I was going to poison him. What a terrible thing to say, I still can’t believe I said it. But I guess over an hour of listening to your baby cry will do things like that to your mind. Obviously I would never hurt the dog, but I needed to voice my feelings at the time. Sorry Cairo, but please, do try to keep it down up there!

I have really noticed a change in the way she behaves during her waking hours as well. A friend commented yesterday that she is so calm and you know what, she is so much more calm. She used to have little meltdowns during the day, I just figured she was being a crab apple, but no, she was tired. Am starting to wonder if the “teething grumpies” were actually that- maybe she was just tired? Who knows, because we haven’t given her anything at all for teething pain in nearly two weeks and she seems just fine, could be that the teeth stopped moving too? Who knows… will be interesting to see all of the changes.

She went down for nap #1 right on schedule, with 10 minutes of crying. Napping I find is a little bit more tricky because you don’t have as much time to fiddle around with. Our goal is to get her to sleep no less than 1 hour, if that means she wakes up a few times and fusses during that time, well that’s what it means. I have noticed that if I get her up after the first time she fusses she is still really tired and tries to go to sleep on me. Yet, other days she conks out for up to 2 hours without a peep! I am guessing that as we remain consistent, our days will become more predictible too! Guessing, hoping… fingers crossed!

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