“Look What I Can Do!”

Everly is breastfed 99% of the time, but when she is with her dad she gets a bottle. He took this picture today while I was out and sent it to me with the title “Look What I Can Do!” When I got home he told me that she holds her bottle there for the entire feeding and doesn’t appreciate it if he tries to touch or remove the bottle. He said she had a little meltdown because he took it away when she was finished… no not our girl, I don’t believe that, lol. Picture below explains it all…

October 26, 2009

I am beyond in shock that I am going to type what I am going to type… Everly only cried for a total of 12 minutes tonight at bedtime. She went down with only a tiny bit of fussing and was asleep in 5 minutes (yahoo), then Cairo had a fit upstairs and woke her up… does anyone know of a good poison store… no I did not type that, I did not type that at all, just forget I even made my fingers type those letters and form those words. I could go back and erase it and act like I never thought it, but I think dark humor is my way of dealing with a slightly broken heart at this point. Anywho, after the Cairo episode she cried/fussed softly for another 6 minutes and then went to sleep for good. Can you give dogs nyquil, is it bad for them? Just kidding, hmmm what about Gravol… okay I will stop now because this is seriously not nice. Goodnight, I think I need some sleep 🙂 Here’s a picture of Cairo so that he knows I still really love him!



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