Not So Lucky Number 7!

Last night we encountered the dreaded “night waking!” I have realized that the only thing worse than listening to your baby cry at bedtime is listening to them cry at 4:00 am, yeah, so much fun! The night began awesome- she went to bed at her usual time and did less than 2 minutes of crying, and you know it wasn’t even bad crying at all, just a yell and a murmer and a whine; I guess she was saving it all up for the wee hours of the morning. When I heard her at 4: 04 am I didn’t think much of it. She has woken in the night before and she usually puts herself back to sleep with very little fuss in under 10 minutes. So we waited the ten minutes… and then B went in there… and we waited 30 more minutes… she was still crying. He came back to bed, having given up. I went in to her room, sat for 10 more minutes and decided that something must be wrong, because this hasn’t been an issue in the past 7 days. If it were going to be it would have started from night one right… right? I sure hope so! So I went down the line of possibilities and cancelled them out before I finally fed her at 5:00 am, she guzzled with gulps and sighs for nearly 15 minutes with eyes wide open- so she really was hungry! I put her down in the crib after that and by 5:30 am she was sleeping again. She didn’t get up for the day until 8:30 am- thank goodness, and she has been happy and napping as usual since.

I am a little curious about what tonight will bring. I hope that it’s not a reapeat. Her grandma Debbie mentioned that she could be coming up on her 6 month growth spurt (she has always hit growth spurts a little bit earlier than typical) and I think grandma might be right. So we’ll play it by ear I think. I am hoping that this is not the start to a new routine, but what can you do if it is- if she’s hungry I have to feed her obviously! Grandma also said that starting her on solids next week sounds like perfect timing, and I think she is right on that one too. Solid food just in time for the growth spurt!

Grandma also spoiled the pants off Everly and I today. Us 3 girls had lunch at the mall together (fun!) and then we went and did some shopping… it was trouble, lol! Grandma says she is not a shopper, but I think maybe she didn’t know she had it in her, lol, because Everly sure brought the shopper out in grandma. I can’t wait to post pictures of Everly in her new wardrobe!! Many thanks Grandma Debbie, we are lucky that you love us so much first of all, and second that you like to spoil us, he he he 🙂

I would also like to take this moment to thank the woman who used the “mother’s room” in Mayfair Mall to have a massive explosion poop. I was waiting for the room and figured that someone was nursing, so I was patient (as I had to do the same). A single woman came out… hmmm, there were many stalls free, it was not busy, why was she in there… well I found out. Poop explosion all over the toilet basically, yum! So that scapped that idea. I am wondering why the words “Mother’s Room” meant private pooping area to her, mother’s rooms are not private stalls for people to have embarassing bathroom experiences. I feel for this woman, I have IBS myself so I have been there, but I never once used the mothers room. How would she like it if I drove over to her house and pooped where she was eating dinner, because that’s what my baby would have had to deal with if I sat in there. Gross.

And now… to make you all laugh, follow this LINK!


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