8’s Not So Great Either :(

Ugh! I do not appreciate getting up in the middle of the night again- so not fun! At least last night I learned my lesson from the night before and wen’t to bed by 10:00 pm, so when 3:30 am hit, I had at least had some decent sleep. After she ate at 3:30, she was up again for 6:30 and then 7:30 and then finally up for the day at 9:00 (what the hell is that about?). She was all over the road. This morning she had a little 20 minute nap and currently she is about 40 minutes or so into her afternoon nap (I think, wasn’t really eyeing the clock on that one). I was hoping that with starting this sleep program our days would gain some predictibility, but so far nothing. Yes, we are only a week into it, but if you have learned anything about me ever, you know that patience is not my strongest personality trait.

I am starting to learn (to my ultimate dismay) that she sleeps better at home in the crib now too. Used to be that the one good way to get her to sleep was to put her in her car seat and either go for a drive or a walk somewhere. Well, sure sometimes she still falls asleep when we do that, but those sleeps end up being little cat naps of about 20 to 30 minutes. So now what? Do I lock us up indoors (except for her awake times) and make sure all naps happen at home until she is napping longer? Or do I do as my Nana suggested and just wait until she learns and continue on as normal. I like the suggestion of my Nana’s but I also am very aware that Everly does not sleep as well at night if she doesn’t nap good during the day. By the time bedtime hits she is so “balls to the wall” that she doesn’t know which end is up anymore, you just can’t even look at her sometimes. So I think I may have to take the harder road of staying home. But like my lovely husband likes to point out time and time again… anything easy isn’t really worth doing if you are looking for a sense of satisfation. Okay, maybe that’s a little bit true. I might feel a little bit of satisfaction from this child if she were to sleep great all the time woudn’t I… okay yes, I would feel SUPREME satisfaction! What have the rest of you done?

I went out for lunch today with a good friend of mine and Everly had the good graces to have one of those poops that would have landed her in the tub if we were at home. Of course she was dressed all adorable in her Halloween Eve Costume (see below) and of course because of the simple fact that she was dressed up it had to be one of those up to the shoudler blades poops- why Evie, why? I ended up taking off half her outfit and leaving it in the diaper bag so that the poop would not get it. Her tights and onesie are destined for the sink and a good soak once she wakes up and I can take them off- gross baby, you fell asleep in dirty clothes.

Some kids are made to be unhappy by poop, but our Everly just doesn’t seem to care. She just continues on as usual. If we don’t hear it happen, or don’t smell it right away she just might sit in it. Sometimes I feel really bad about this, but honestly how am I supposed to know if I can’t see, hear or smell it? Funny thing logic is when you are a mom, it just doesn’t play out like that in your head. I can type it out and see how much sense it makes, but that doesn’t change the fact that I feel like a terrible mom when I go to change her diaper and there is poop in there and I had no idea, nor do I know how long she has been sitting in it. In the end I guess I should just tell myself that it’s her fault- afterall, she should be telling me when she is uncomfortable. Wow, two days in a row posting about poop, gross.

2009 Oct 30 006

2009 Oct 30 011

2009 Oct 30 014

2009 Oct 30 015



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4 responses to “8’s Not So Great Either :(

  1. Jenn

    She sure looks pretty darn cute in her costume!!
    Gotta love those over the shoulder poops eh! Keep up the good work with motherhood Jess. I really enjoy reading your blogs.

  2. Jenn

    She looks so cute in her costume!

    Gotta love those over the shoulder poops eh? Keep up the good work with motherhood Jess. I really enjoy reading your blogs.

  3. Jessica Bender

    Thanks Jen!

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