Night Number 9…

Last night was exactly what we needed… well kind of. I put Everly down a little later than usual, as she had a late afternoon nap a little longer than usual (due to the fact that she slept only 20 – 30 mins for her other naps). She cried for about 40 minutes before finally falling asleep. Half way into that crying I thought oh great, we are in for it tonight! Well funny thing is that we didn’t hear her until 6:00am this morning, awesome. What I find werid though is that she got up at 6:00am even though she fell asleep 45 minutes later than she usually does. I guess the Sleepsense author is right that they will wake up at the same time no matter what. She decided to stay awake at 6:00, no big huge deal though because I went to be early anticipating a night waking. She went down for her first nap really well, nearly an hour ago now so she must have been still tired- silly goose should have just slept longer in the first place!

A friend of mine, who by the way has the most kind and sweet heart, framed up night wakings so positively that I just have to share… she said enjoy them, because when Everly is 17 she won’t want to hang out with her mom in the middle of the night! I read those words and it just struck me like a ton of bricks, she is so right. When Everly is 17 I might be up in the middle of the night worrying about her (God I hope not), at least now I know where she is and she is crying out to be with me. We get such a short amount of time where they want us around we should enjoy it more. My problem is that I get so task orientated, I need to practice being in the moment. Chores and sleeping through the night will always be in my future, Everly looking at me like I am the most important person in the world will not.

Today we are starting her on solid food. Pictures and video guaranteed to follow! I think it will go well 🙂

Looking forward to Halloween events today, we are super busy! Trick or Treating, visiting, parties- you name it we are doing it! I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween and that all of you with little ones take the time to see the fesivities throughs their eyes- the view is much better 😉


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