A Write Off And Back To Normal

We had so much fun taking Everly out in her Halloween costume. We went to a Halloween party and Pia, Graham and Joe’s, we went to Malloween at Mayfair and made a couple of house calls. Not a lot of people really “got” Everly’s Halloween costume- they were like, oh and airfreshner and made a weird face. Lighten up people, it’s pretty funny actually if you think outside the box. What I kept telling people is that we have years of princesses and pink and sparkly ponies ahead of us, why not be funny this year! Pictures below of course!

Little Tree

Fresh Baby!

Halloween night was a complete write off for the sleepprogram. The parents, (mine) upstairs decided to throw a Halloween party and we all weren’t sure how she would do with the noise. We made escape plans just in case it became necessary. Well it became necessary. I put her to be a little bit later than normal hoping that she would be just that extra little bit more tired, she was and she fell asleep in under 10 minutes. The party at that time was in a low point, everyone was eating or had just eaten so it wasn’t noisey at all. I was crossing my fingers that she would get into a deep enough sleep before the fun upstairs started to begin! Well, that worked for 45 minutes, and for 45 minutes Brandon and I got to be part of the party, just like the old days- well I had a monitor clipped to me, but really what to the little details matter?! At that 45 minute mark she woke up and there was no getting her back to sleep. The party was in full swing- and it was fun so we were sad that she wouldn’t do what we wanted. I think this was the first time I really felt left out because of the baby and was upset that I couldn’t join the fun! It was a like the butt of someone’s hand on my forehead- bam! you’re a parent now  and then a witch’s cackle in the backgroud of the realization and the world gets all spinny. Okay maybe it wasn’t as dramatic as that but if it had been on tv that’s how it would have looked.

So we left the party and escaped to B’s parents house. Granny and Grandpa North looked like they were happy to see us and I bet they didn’t think they would have us all over for a sleepover any time soon. Everly could not figure out what was going on but she ate up the change of pace with a spoon and played with her grandparents until it was time for her to go to bed. We had to wait about two hours for her to get tired again so that brought us to about 10:30 pm! The idea was that we would sleep together… sleep, now what is the true meaning of sleep. If sleep is laying down, closing your eyes and falling into restorative rest for a period of time that’s not what we had. Oh no. Ours was wake up every hour to a cranky baby and then nurse her to sleep because it’s not like we were about to let her cry it out at grandma and grandpa’s house! That would have been one loud night. In the end, that experience really solidified the feeling that we are doing the right thing with having her in her own crib at night by herself. She does not sleep good next to me at all and I don’t sleep well either. So, that means that there is no going back on this sleep training, because there is no better alternative, the best solution is what we are doing. Feels good to know that and it was good info to have before we had to start up with our program the next night.

On Sunday she napped so well during the day, four naps of one hour each- good job baby! I bet she was tired though. Sunday night she cried, and I knew she would so I was mentally prepared for it. She went for about 30 minutes, (wow), you have to admire the tenacity. She finally gave in at 7:45 and didn’t wake up until 3:30 am. At 3:30 I thought she would go back to sleep, but no luck, she was hungry so I had to get up to feed her. But then she was back to sleep by 4:00 am and did not get up until 7:45 am this morning, so that’s not too bad at all. I am wondering if the solids will help her sleep longer during this growth spurt.


Growing like a weed!

Yes, I said solids! We started Everly on solid food on Saturday. We gave her rice cereal and the verdict is still out, see the video HERE. It was almost like we spiked the cereal with liquor, she had these big reactions and sour puss faces. We tried again today and she actually ate a bit of it, her reactions have become more subdued. It’s almost like she thought that if she acted as if the food were killing her than she wouldn’t have to eat it- silly baby; we win. Two more days of the cereal and we can start her on some actual food like sweet potatoes and peas and chicken; yum! I am all ready to continue making her food. I have a sneaky suspicion that mking baby food won’t be as easy as making breastmilk though… hmmm, lol.

2009 Oct 31 007

Mmmmm food!

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