Nearly Two Weeks…

Here we are almost 2 weeks into our new sleep routine and Everly had another horrid night. Well actually I might take that back and say we had a horrid night, I think she was doing exactly as she wanted to. For some unknown reason she woke up at 1:23 am and would not go back to sleep. She wasn’t crying so I didn’t go in her room. A few times she did cry but she stopped in under 10 minutes so I didn’t bother her. Well 3:00 am rolled around and she was still awake. In an attepmt to salvage some sleep hours I just fed her. After that she cried for about 2 minutes and went to sleep until 7:00 am. I would have fed her earlier if she sounded hungry, but she didn’t, it wasn’t her hunger cry, it was her I am annoyed that you are not entertaining me cry. We hear that cry often around here now, apparently we are not entertaining enough???

2009 Nov 02 012

Entertaining herself!

I have decided that night wakings are okay through to November 10, after that, if she has not stopped on her own, we are starting the gradual withdrawl process. I have no issue with feeding her in the middle of the night if I know that she is really hungry. What I don’t want is for her to make a habbit of it. There is a fine line. She went to bed so well last night too, under 2 minutes of crying!!! I almost wish she would switch it up a bit, 45 minutes of crying at bedtime and 2 minutes of crying in the middle of the night. Why can’t our kids just do what we want them too, lol. Truth be told, I did actually enjoy having that quiet moment of feeding her at 3:00 am, it was so still in the house and just the two of us chatting away while she ate (yes she talks while she eats!). Crossing my fingers and pulling all the stops to make a better night tonight!

Now that Everly has started to eat some solid foods I have hauled out all of our “food” supplies both from our showers and new purchases. These things need a home. No one tells you when you get pregnant that babies need a whole cupboard of thier own. I had to find a place initially to store bottles for when dad feeds her, well her bottles got lined up next to our drinking glasses naturally. Now that we have all these bowls and plates and such I don’t know where I am going to put them. We literally have 1 cupboard for dishes and 1 cupboard for food storage and 1 cupboard for toaster, kettle, etc… yes we have a VERY tiny kitchen. Baby has slowly but surely taken over every room of our little suite, she spreads her junk around that baby, she is a little bit like her auntie Lauren that way- a spreader, lol. But seriously to all you moms to be or moms yet to be, you will need at least a shelf in a cupboard for all the baby crap. I was looking forward to this food milestone, but now I am looking back on the days where all we needed was me, Everly and my boobs, how much more simple can it get than that?! Guess we will have to move some stuff (like my beautiful serving dishes) under our bed, it’s not like we use the serving dishes now anyway- ah new motherhood!

2009 Nov 02 007

Where in the cupboard are we going to fit this?


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