Well That Wasn’t So Bad.

Last night was not too bad. She went to bed great, less than a minute of protesting! She woke around midnight and talked to herself for 30 minutes and then went back to sleep and didn’t get up until 5:00 am for a feeding. After than she slept until shortly after 7:00 am and was up for the day with a giant poop- yeay baby. Are we seeing a new trend, is it too early to say that… well a girl can dream can’t she! LOL! Look at me, it has only been 2 weeks and I am expecting miracles. This is a behaviour change, theories say it is going to take at least 21 days right! If after 21 days she still is digging in her heals we might have to think of some alternative living arrangements… i.e. she sleeps out in a shed, don’t worry the shed would be heated. Obviously I am kidding, well kind of kidding, no really kidding- seriously.

I have to say though that naps are great! Naps started out being the most difficult thing and now they are the easiest. She goes down with very little or no protesting and sleeps great. Her morning nap (the one allowing me to type this) is usually a nice long one, maybe because she has her oat cereal right before it? Does cereal help babies sleep longer? I am trying to decide if I should feed her the cereal at bedtime too. I have put this question out to other moms to get their opinions… what do you think? Dinner time cereal or bed time cereal? Guess there is really only one way to find out if it works for us and that’s to try it. Maybe tonight.

When we feed Everly her cereal now she takes a bite, chews it up and then smacks her hand on the table until you have another scoop ready, then she chews it and starts smacking the table again… could it be said that she is using gestures to communicate with us? I think we might have to start teaching her the sign for more! She started saying the “Na” saound this week, which my Nana and her Nanny think is great of course. All the little sounds she can make now are so interesting, especially when she strings them together to form some sort of gobiltygook language, it’s really cute to listen to in the middle of the night (and that is saying a lot!).

And there’s the gobiltygook now, time to get her up for the day and see what kind of adventures we will have!



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2 responses to “Well That Wasn’t So Bad.

  1. Laurie

    I feed Katarina cereal at dinner along with her meat and veggies. I think it helps her sleep better….most of the time! Right now though we’re in the middle of another tooth and a very stuffed up nose (caused by teething?) which I think is waking her up more often at night! Like last night, she was up shortly after 1am and then again at 4:30ish…she thought it would be fun to stay up for a while. Oh and did I mention that her older sister decided to crawl into bed with me and my “snoring louder than I like” hubby and she also thought it would be fun to stay up?? I love being a mom…I don’t love being woken up at 4 then getting back to sleep at 6 only to be woken by the 3 year old at 7! Makes for a really long day…can you say “nap time everyone!”???

  2. Jessica Bender

    ha ha ha! yes, nap time is good! I am going to feed her tonight for sure!!!

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