Last night wasn’t too bad either. We gave her a dinner time feeding of her oat cereal for the first time; of course me, being me I thought it would bring a miracle and she would sleep from 7:00pm to 7:00am without an issue, yes, my mind works that way (btw- totally need to work on that because I am constantly being let down, lol). Any’mommy’s issues aside’who, she was sleeping at 7:00, less than a minute of protesting- it was awesome. B and I actually got to sit down and watch a movie together, alone, yes just the two of us, it was great. She slept pretty much through until 5:00am and then she was hungry. She fussed a little during the night, but seemed to just make noise for 5 seconds or so and then be quiet again. After I fed her at 5:00 she did not get up until 7:45, which I did not believe when B told be, I had to look at the clock myself! So if she could do without the 5:00am feeding and just get up at 7:00 that would be great- that’s a compromise right, meeting somewhere in the middle; I am okay to get up earlier if she sleeps later… we’ll see.


She did munch up her dinner feeding pretty quick though, guess she likes oat cereal a lot now. She was so messy though. I let her play in it a little, I will admit that, but it’s only because I knew she was going into the bath right afterwards and I thought why not let her have this sensory experience. Oh she experienced. She had cereal in her hair, behind her ears, up her nose (saw a little left over in there this morning), she enjoyed herself immensely. Then she was headed for the bath… click the link to see her new favourite thing to do in the bath. Some of you may have seen it on facebook already, but you know what, it is worth another watch!

This weekend I have the task of making B a new website for his business as well as putting together the templates for a calendar I am working on for the Early Childhood Department at the Victoria Native Friendship Centre (my other place of employment next to Everly). Both jobs are pretty fun, I am not going to lie. I just have this craving to do work like this, work outside of  ‘the wheels on the bus’ and playing with Sophie. Yes I enjoy those things too but they don’t engage my brain in quite the same way. I am like Lisa Simpson in that episode of  The Simpsons where she is like “grade me, grade me” I understand that need Lisa. I have been thinking a lot about going back to school and I am pretty sure I am going to apply this January and see what happens!


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