If It’s Not One It’s The Other

Evrely did good again last night, pretty much identical to the night before, so is a pattern emerging? I told her I am only doing this 4:30/5:00am feeding thing for another 10 days so she better live it up now, lol. But honestly I can’t really complain all that much, she is doing really well and we are proud of her. I am loving the fact that she protests less and less. Last night I don’t even think it lasted longer than 30 seconds and then blissful silence 🙂 Thank you baby!

2009 Nov 03 039

Good morning baby and hippo!

But the dog had another agenda… the dog- grrrrr. He couldn’t make up his mind if he wanted to be upstairs or downstairs and as a result we played the back and forth game for about 2 hours, and of course those 2 hours were between 12:30am and 2:30am (thanks Cairo). Not too sure what his deal was, but he has us by the cajonies because he scratches at the adjoining door and it’s super loud and right next to Everly’s room. I shoot out of bed like a jack in the box and run to the door every time I hear it because I don’t want him to wake her up. I realize that I need to let Cairo “cry it out” too, but it’s at the risk of hearing the baby’s protesting too, so is it worth it? Is this what having two kids is like? You can never get a freaking break. All the more reason to just have one. One and a part time dog is enough, lol! Cairo please try to sort out your issues tonight. I just read a book about a young girl who is facinated by chemistry and poison… poor Cairo.

2009 Nov 03 033

Cairo loves baby!

Yesterday I gave my sister a ride home and shared with her the wonderful process that is childbirth. I don’t think my sister will be having a baby any time soon :)- I told her that all those women who say the pain goes away once you see the baby are lying or already on drugs of some kind because the pain did not go away, infact it hangs around for weeks and weeks. What I did forget to tell her though was that it is all worth it. So Samantha- it is worth every crappy second. Everly was worth every second of every moment that sucked. And there were some cool things about being pregnant too. I can’t believe I am going to type this but there are moments when I actually miss feeling her little legs and arms moving around in my belly. You just feel so connected and you get to hog them and who cares if they don’t sleep, they are contained and you can’t hear them fuss, he he he.


Remember this; that was 6 months ago!

I know every mother must feel this way, but I just can’t get over how much Everly amazes me- ALL THE TIME! Sometimes I can just look at her little face and I get lost in the reality that B and I created her and I carried her in my tummy. She came from something the size of a pencil led, we all did! I was saying to B that facts like this are like time travel, you just can’t think of it or it blows your mind too much. Just seeing her make all these sounds, that are sounding like language sounds, and sitting and pulling her body around and flipping over and eating food, it’s just amazing that we all learn as much as we do the first year. It is seriously the roughest year of our life, I am certain.

2009 Nov 07 043

Always learning.

On rolling over… some of you may remember me writing back in August that Everly was rolling over like a maniac and then she just stopped. Well I though it was my fault because in September I didn’t put her on the floor because I was scared that I had made her head flat. Once I found out that we didn’t make her head flat I started putting her on the the floor again and she wouldn’t roll, but she did start sitting up… so what I think is that when she was rolling before it was because she was uncoordinated and it just happened because her body got to a certain point and physics took her over. Now however, she is motivated to roll and is more intentionally moving her body; you can see it and it looks very different. She also has much more control so when she goes to tip, she rescues herself and doesn’t roll. Now this is a bit of a double edged sword; her core strength is increasing so she saves herself from rolling, but she kind of needs to roll- lol- babies! So maybe it was a litte my paranoid fault after all, maybe if I had let her be, the spontaneous rolling would have moved to intentional rolling more naturally… maybe not, but probably I will stick with maybe because that would mean it was something I did wrong and that’s what we mothers do, we blame ourselves… lol.

2009 Nov 07 026

Floor play is back and in full effect, lol!


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