What The Hell Was That…?

Last night I was ever so lucky 🙂 Little missy went to sleep with no protesting at all, in fact, she was asleep before I even left her room! So I guess we will find out in the next few days if this was a one off or if she has finally learned the art of putting herself to sleep (dear all deities, please let it be the latter!). She also slept great through the night, not waking until 4:30 for her feeding and then went back to sleep until our neighbour decided to rev up his leaf blower at 6:30 am (seriously!), after that we brought her into bed with us (freaking leaf blower woke us up too, and we are on the other side of the house), and she slept until 8:00am, thanks baby! She went really long until her nap though, 3 whole hours she waited before she passed out for 30 minutes. This afternoon she did the same thing, waited a bit longer than her usual 2 hours and then slept for an hour. I wonder how you know when to transition them to two naps a day. I read it happens usually around/after 6 months, so the time could be approaching. Two hour long naps a day would be a dream! Mama could get lots of stuff done and then play more with her, I have explained this to her, but she doesn’t get it.

She has proven herself to be more useful now, she helps to put her arms through the sleeves  of her clothing, less work for me, ha ha ha. She also kicks her legs through her pants, although that one isn’t as intentional because basically I think she just likes to kick her legs in general and they just happen to make their way through the pants. She also really thinks it is fun to take off her shoes- okay that makes more work for me baby, how about you cut that one out, lol. This is the beginning to self help skills, can you believe it? Here already- yahoo! No just kidding, no actually on second thought I am not kidding!

We fed her sweet potatoes today for the first time. I steamed them up with the skin on (apparently leaving the skin on while cooking keeps more nutrients intact?), and then had the fun time of peeling off the skin from the sticky, squishy sweet potato carcass; yeah that was fun. At least I now have 8 days worth of sweet potatoes in our fridge/freezer. Pears is next, plan to get on stewing them up tomorrow so that we can feed them to her on Thursday! So far she has not had a negative reaction to any solids which is a good thing. I have many reactions to solids so I was worried. Maybe I should adopt her diet, lol. She really liked the sweet potatoes though, she kept saying “mmmmm” and then would promptly open her mouth for another bite!


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