When The Going Gets Tough- The Weak Go To The Movies!


So last night I told B that I was going to the movies and that he could do the bedtime routine with out me. I left at 6:30 and did not come home until she was fast asleep- it was bliss. I learned that you can run away from your problems, oh yes you can, but someone else has to be there to take your place. Tonight he has soccer, crap, rude awakening time! He said that she went down great as usual and after 27 minutes of sleeping woke up and started screaming protesting again. She lasted 22 minutes this time before passing out. She didn’t wake until 4:30am, after which I fed her and put her back to sleep with no protesting at all. She slept until 6:30am then came into bed with us while I fed her again, we all ended up falling back to sleep and didn’t get up until 8:40am! I could not believe it when I saw the numbers on the clock! So last night wasn’t too bad at all.

2009 Nov 08 032

Arghhh! Attack of the baby!

Last night also officially marked the hump of 21 days, we are 3 weeks into the program now. The lady in the book said it would take a couple weeks for most babies, I now notice how she said a couple of weeks… so vague… a couple could be two or it could be four. I think it should have said it could take a number of weeks, we are dealing with a number of weeks for sure and so are the other moms I know who are trying it. I think that authors do a diservice to those who are using their books when they set the bar too high. She should have written that it will take 2 months and then I would have felt like we are ahead of the curve rather than riding on the short bus to keep up with everyone! But they couldn’t say that or no one would buy it. The reason we are drawn to it is because it says only a couple of weeks and then goes on to say how short of a period a couple of weeks is in your baby’s long life. I have never known 3 weeks to last so long.

2009 Nov 12 002

Feeling a little trapped.

I bought some bedtime bath stuff today at London Drugs. I have become the person who buys bedtime bath products. You know what though, it won’t hurt anything to try. I would pretty much try anything that is safe at this point.

Today I was thinking that the weirdest thing about all this sleep stuff is that she was a great sleeper before we started this “sleep training.” She went down and stayed asleep and I got a good night’s rest. I looked back on those days and I thought why am I doing this? Well it’s too late now to go back (I have learned that twice over) and really, she wasn’t sleeping all that great at all. She was in our bed, swaddled and using a soother- those are pretty major sleep crutches. That would be the same as me having to wear the same pj’s every night, taking a sedative and sleeping with my parents; you get my point? So although at first glance it looked good, it really wasn’t. Kind of like most of the strawberries at the grocery store. You see them all red and yummy and then you get up close and 80% of the container has moldy or bruised berries- yuck. We have a good berry now, she was just not ripe yet!

2009 Nov 11 008

Happy girl

I hope tonight is better than last night and that tomorrow night is better than tonight. I am not asking for miracles, just progress 🙂



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