That’s More Like It!

Last night was so much better! We had a family gathering- my Papa’s 80th birthday (yahoo!) and I knew bedtime would be a bit later than usual but decided not to stress because what was going to happen was going to happen regardless of how much I stressed about it! We had a fun time wishing Papa (Evie’s Great Papa) a happy birthday with fish and chips and an ice cream cake; Everly was mesmerized by the candles on the cake (see pic below). Everly and her Great Papa are exactly 79 years and 6 months apart, how cool is that. On our way home I knew she would be tired with all of the visiting and playing that she was doing and I knew that she would fall asleep in the car, nothing I could do.

2009 Nov 13 028

So many candles!

When we got home I was surprised to see that she woke up within 5 minutes of us being home and she still looked tired (yipee). I started the bedtime routine (30 minutes later than usual) and by 8:00 she was fast asleep. Only 7 minutes of angry protesting, which dwindled to talking to herself and then finally little grunts and moans. The picture below demonstrates how she is trying to fall asleep these days. Of course I have to turn her over, I just don’t think it is safe to let her stay that way. It is so scary turning her over though; I always think of an omelette you don’t want to disrupt anything and ruin it!

2009 Nov 13 016

Baby turn your head!

Last night I also went to bed early. The last time I looked at the clock it said 8:14, so I think it is safe to say that I passed out by 8:30. I am officially old, sheesh, in bed before 9:00. Obviously it is not practical to do that every night unfortunately, although I feel like tonight could be a repeat just to catch up! Lucky for us, Everly stayed asleep and did not wake up until 4:00 am as is typical these days for a feeding. After that feeding she slept until 7:15 am, which was lovely. She has napped great today too. Tonight is going to be the same, smooth sailing- putting positive thoughts out there so that positive things happen, lol.

2009 Nov 13 015

Thinking happy thoughts!



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One response to “That’s More Like It!

  1. Arianna Styles

    Hi my name is Arianna, I just want you to know that I have replaced my soap operas with your melodrama- taking care of a newborn…I thank my lucky stars that my three children (ages 6,4 and 8 months), were and are good sleepers; even with our first we never had the problems you and your husband are experiencing.
    I sense you read about parenting and what to expect from your child at different stages…at some point you have to throw those books away and stop treating your lovely daughter as a science experiment. When you are at the point of questioning why your child doesn’t understand what you are trying to teach her….give your head a shake and remember she is only 5 months old. Your are clearly going through some intense emotions….maybe it’s time for you to go and see a professional for your anxiety about motherhood…your frustration towards your child….and husband. Yelling, crying and lying in a fetal position on the floor is not great modeling behavior for your daughter. Hope this helps….

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