A Bit Of The Same

Last night was the same as the few nights before it, which to me is an indication that we are approaching the tail end of this sleep journey- wahoo! No I haven’t brought out the sparkling juice just yet, but it is chilling in the fridge! It’s nice now to be able to anticipate what might happen. I have also thought that these 2:30am wake up things could be related to something that I am eating, so when those nights happen I am writing down everything that I ate the day before, if I see similarities, then I might know what to cut out. Could also be the teeth… could always be the teeth, when will these teeth arrive?

Short entry today… we are off to Parent Child Mother Goose and then heading to the ferry terminal to pick up Auntie Lauren who is coming for a visit. Should be interesting to see how everything goes with a houseguest… fortunately she is an understanding houseguest, lol.

Tomorrow we have a super exciting fantastic event that I can’t wait to post pictures of… just wait, it’s pretty fun!



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