Say What Marge?

On Sunday night the episode of The Simpsons just had me giggling my pants off. For those of you who missed it, Marge was being judged because she offered the baby play group milk and cookies for the snack… milk and cookies, what’s wrong with that? Well, the cookies were processed food products and the milk was not organic. All of the other mothers in playgroup judged her, one mother said- have you not read the books that I have? They said she couldn’t offer snack anyone, until she had healthy choices. Well done Simpsons writers, you have managed to capture how it feels to be a mother in today’s society. Funny enough, while I was watching this show, I was stewing organic pears to make babyfood for Everly- wft? How ironic is that.

On the whole organic/processed food thing I am at a 50/50 position. I have chosen to make Everly’s babyfood myself as it is more cost effective, easier on the environment and I know what is going in it. I don’t buy organic food for everything, just the top 12 recommended ones. FYI- did you know that almost all corn is genetically modified? Fun fact- now you do! I also don’t eat all organic things myself. I have been known to eat some whole wheat white cheddar Kraft Dinner on occasion (whole wheat almost makes it good for you, it’s a compromise, lol). In the end I just want to teach my daughter what is helpful to put into her body and what is unhelpful to put in her body. By starting young with offering her helpful, healthy choices I hope to facilitate the development of a healthy eater- hope is the operative word here! With this said though, I won’t loose sleep if she eats a gummy bear when she is old enough, and I will let her eat birthday cake or fish and chips from a greasy spoon on special occasions. I think to outlaw unhelpful foods completely is not healthy either! 

What I also thought was bang on was the judging from the other mothers (yes, we are back to The Simpsons now). It is so true. If you go against the grain in a circle of moms you will be judged. Some groups of moms are good at trying to hide their judging, others are not so sly. I am guilty of it myself, I think at some point we all are. As moms, we all have beliefs and ways of doing things that we have subscribed to and naturally we want to think that is the best way to do them because we want to do the best that we can for our kids. I don’t know of any healthy parent who decided to try to do everything ‘wrong‘ and see if they have a healthy child in the end, we all want what is best for our kids (oh great, now I sound like Kate Gosselin, lol) and we all do what we think will provide them with the best that we can give. So I guess the public service announcement that I am trying to spit out for myeslf and others is- let’s be gentle with each other, if the baby/child is happy and healthy, who cares if she does it differently than you.

On Friday we participated in an event called Honoring the Sacredness of New Life, hosted by the Aboriginal Early Intervention Team at the Victoria Native Friendship Centre (say that 3 times). Everly was one of over 50 babies who were honored and welcomed into the community. Traditionally the birth of an infant would have been cause for celebration and ceremony in our local First Nations communities, but unfortunately the process of colonization has caused some traditions to fall out of practice- kind of hard to honor babies when they are being taken away. Okay, okay, this is a touchy subject and it is about as political as I am going to get. I realize people were trying to help when they were taking babies and children and putting them into residential schools, but it had the opposite effect unfortunately. Let this be a lesson to all of us when we think we are helping- are we really helping the person/situation the way it needs to be helped. Wow, I am full of public service announcements today…

Anywho, back to the happy stuff, the AEI Team at the Friendship Centre has started this up again for all of our local nations as well as the Urban and Metis communities, truth be told, this honoring has been my ‘baby’ for the past two years, it was actually kind of hard to see it fall into the hands of others, it was hard to let go! Fortunately they were capable and loving hands that took over 🙂 So, Everly was honored and it was great!!! My friend Lauren held her as she was blanketed and given gifts to help her on her way. Brandon and I do not believe in organized religion, so we will never have Everly baptized, but we wanted Lauren to be her ‘Godmother’ so to speak (spiritual/fashion/boy toubles/I hate my parents right now/ mother might be a more appropriate job description come to think of it). It was a happy day and we were all so proud of Everly as usual.


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  1. Susie

    What a lovely tradition!

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