That’s Called Sleeping Through The Night!

The last 3 nights have been really good! She has slept from about 7:30 to 5:30 each night, when she wakes at 5:30 I fed her and then she went back to sleep until sometime between 8:00 and 8:30. I have come to realize that I can’t really ask for much more at this point 🙂 I have decided to just keep the 5:30 am feeding and let her eliminate it on her own as I am sure that she will; over the last few days she has creeped closer and closer to 6:00 anyway. Honestly, I have to admit too that I would rather get up at 5:30 to feed her and go back to sleep until 8:00, than get up for the day at 6:30 or 7:00, selfish mommy decision. Well I guess it wasn’t fully my decision, this is what is working for her and we decided to go with it- don’t they call that a babyled schedule, lol! Whatever, it works, we are sleeping and we are all pretty happy (excuse me while I go to knock on some wood).

Happy indeed!

We are at day 36 for anyone who was curious. 36 days! All the information you read on infant sleep training says it takes about 2 weeks, what planet are those people on- the planet where they still give their babies rum to help them sleep through the night (do not try that at home!). Honestly, I think that all of these programs need to give us the gory details because it is debilitating to only hear about the “winning successes” of some assholes that you don’t even know. Yes, I called those people assholes, that’s how angry it makes me, lol. I want to hear a story about how hard it was on one family and that it took them 8 weeks, because maybe that will make me feel better when we hit day 36. I think that they are setting you up to quit if they don’t paint a realistic picture. You are going to think oh well this isn’t working… the thing I found interesting about the sleepsense program’s follow along manual (where you chart your progress), was that there were 30 pages for charting 30 days of “progress.” So why is there space for 30 days if it takes 2 weeks. Yes they tell you in all of the programs that every baby is different and that two weeks is an average- well tell us the worst case scenario too, not just the two week situations.

I think I have finally (knock again on wood) solved the protesting at bedtime thing. A few weeks ago we were not letting Everly have a third nap, we just would let her stay up until it was time for the bedtime routine. Some nights this meant that she was already up for 3.5 hours before she went to bed. She is usually ready to sleep after 2 hours during the day, so that kind of gives you an idea about how tired she might be! I thought that her being more tired would make her fall asleep faster, yeah no, did not work that way. What I have found is that starting bedtime routine 1.5 hours after she has been away is the hot ticket. She is just tired enough at bedtime, not so overtired that she is wound up and can’t relax into a deep sleep. We stumbled upon this haphazardly when we went out for dinner and noticed she went to bed better, so the third nap is back and in full effect!

Speaking of naps, they are going great also (make this the third knock on wood!). We put her down and she falls asleep quickly. It’s all about timing for Everly, not so much about sticking to the same schedule. I wait until that 2 hour mark hits and just feed her and put her down and she sleeps. Usually it’s a 30 minute power nap, but these past 2 days she has had a couple 1 hour naps. It amazes me how little recharging she needs in order to be ready to go again!

Happy wake ups!

She is so close to being mobile! She does the commando Mowgli crawl (elbows on the floor, toes on the floor and legs and tummy in the air) and will push herself backwards. She gets on her knees and on her hands, but not always together in one coordinated movement, lol! I am not encouraging it right now, but her dad is and you can’t stop development, so it’s just going to happen.

Getting ready to take off!!!

We have also noticed that she has become a music lover. We bought her a little piano and xylaphone and maracas and she just plays with them all day long. As soon as she hears music her face lights up and she just gives ‘er, it’s too funny to watch (which you could HERE and HERE). We have been told that she will be a musician, I think it might be a tad early to plan our retirement on her rock star paychecks, but who knows, I did play a lot of RockBand and SingStar when I was pregnant, lol!


We had her 6 month well baby check up today! She was in the 90th percentile for her height and the 75th percentile for her weight, not to shabby baby! When she was born she was in the 25th percentile for her height and the 50th percentile for her weight, so she has done A LOT of growing. The doctor was very happy with her health and development so far, she was impressed by her skills thus far- every mother wants to hear that! So right now I am feeling pretty good about my job as a mom so far and I am so proud of Everly! To check your baby’s growth click here, that calculator is American though, am not sure if that makes a difference but it might, I think it’s handy regardless 🙂

Chubby monkey!


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