Is This A Routine?

So it’s been how many days since I last blogged… did I take a hiatus without even knowing it? I think so. Kind of like Gray’s Anatomy and their rip off episode a few weeks ago, oh well at least I have all the Christmas shows coming up to take it’s place. Yes I am a little bit addicted to some tv. I can admit it, I don’t care. I know that some people are all like, I don’t watch tv… well congrats to you, you don’t watch tv, I do and I like it. Right now the PVR is my best friend. I don’t know what I would do without it. I think the reason I actually like tv still is because of the PVR, if I didn’t have one, I would miss everything and then maybe I would be one of those non-tv watchers. I just like the fact that I can press play and zone out for 30 minutes and not be responsible for anything other than sitting on my ass. Not a lot of people will admit that, but I have no problem. I am pretty much “Shaw On Demand” for my baby; always entertaining and trying to be new and fun and exciting with great graphics (of course I have great graphics!). So I think it is only fair that I should be allowed some time in my day where I don’t have to use my brain. I always thought that staying home with a baby would leave me using less of my brain. I have found that in a way it might, as I am not thinking as hard, but I thinking more so it feels way more exhausting. This is way more tiring brain work for me than University. That might have something to do with the kind of Unviersity student I was though; minimal attender, crunch studier and last minute paper writer. At Uni I only had some days that were like that amongst many that were smooth sailing. Everly is a crash course everyday!!

A crash course in CUTE!

In the last 4 days that I haven’t written Everly has kept on truckin’ at this little schedule of hers that she may be developing. I say MAY because I don’t want to jinx anything. Sometimes when I write about how well things are going, things get tough again, so I start to wonder, am I jinxing myself or does my head get inflated with confidence and I think I can do anything? Who knows, but at any rate, things are going really well. She is to bed around 7:30, up at 5:30am to eat and back to sleep again until 8:30 or so. Today I was a bad, bad mom and I brought her into bed with me to sleep in, we slept in until 9:30 because we were really tired. Well Everly may not have been but I was. Now that she is sleeping good I have to work on sleep training myself. Parents- why did you not sleep train me? I hope that things continue on this positive path. Well, at least until our trip to Seattle this weekend, will be interesting to see how that one goes? UGH!

Baby is leaving the country.

So I have been getting sideways glances and “feedback” about the way we have chosen to introduce solid foods to Everly. Being as fortunate as I am to have the job that I do, I have been able to take many different training courses and attend various conferences on infant/child development. One thing that I had the opportunity to learn about was the history of puree baby food and the concept of baby led weaning. Like pretty much everyone else out there I had no idea that baby food puree was invented when formula was invented to provide nutrients that the formula was missing out on. Now because such young babies were eating the baby food it had to be pureed and strained so that they would swallow it. Very young infants have the reflex to push out anything other that liquid from their mouths with their tongues… as formula started to be more complete (and mothers fortunately started nursing again- another can of beans that rots my socks), the age at which to introduce solids became older and then older again until finally experts settled on the 6 month/milestone related reference that we use today. The funny thing about all of this is that how we introduce solids to babies has not changed. We still introduce them as though they are tiny infants! By 6 months a baby is ready for some lumps and bumps and they need these things to help them develop speech sounds and to learn how to NOT choke on food. So with this in mind, we decided to go the baby led weaning  route with Everly. We don’t puree her food and we let her feed herself as much as possible. I still spoon feed her cereal because she can’t feed herself with a spoon yet and she needs the cereal because we don’t have enough iron rich foods worked in her diet at the moment. A lot of  people don’t like this way of going about introducing solids, especially older people. They shake their heads and make that tut-tut sound that basically means you are a terrible mother and your baby WILL SUFFER. Well tut-tutters, what did people do before there was jarred baby food to buy? Oh that’s right, they fed them tiny pieces of food from their hands or a tray, hmmmm, we are all still here and we learned how to eat, funny thing that is.

Yes I feed myself and it gets messy!

How is it that nearly everyone I know has almost finished or has completely finished Christmas shopping, decorating and wrapping. I tried to start wrapping stocking stuff last week but it just didn’t happen and I won’t be putting my tree up until it is December. I know that my “mom” friends have to jump at the opportunity when it presents itself so they got everything done while they could. I am a “mom” friend, why have I not jumped at the opportunities when I have had them? I always thought I was the festive one. Maybe not. Christmas is really stressing me out this year, probably because I have less than half of the amount of money that I used to be able to put towards it. Now I know the Christmas is not about the gifts and blah, blah, blah, but it kind of is. Do we really thing that so many people would enjoy and celebrate Christmas if there were no gifts? I am here to play the devil’s advocate and say that no, no there would not. To me, the real fun of Christmas is getting things for everyone that you know they are going to like. I love hunting for gifts and watching the reciepient’s face when they open the present and see that it’s just what they wanted/needed and there is this moment where they look and you and are all like, you were listening to me when I spoke. I listen and I like to deliver. This year I have had to be a bit more creative. What we are giving might not have been on everyone’s lists, but I can guarantee there will be no returns and no unhappy reciepients, they just didn’t know it existed and that they could ask for it… sneaky, sneaky, sneaky!

Christmas Baby!


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