And Back To Reality!

While we were away I told B that I just wanted life to continue just as it had for those 3 days, he said, what? you want to move to Seattle? I said no, I would love it if it were the three of us doing whatever we wanted every day. A girl can dream can’t she? My girlfriend that I was travelling with said it best- there is nothing to do but spend time together; no chores, no house, no cooking just you and your family. Well we are home now and arrived home to all of the unpacking, a semi dirty house (as seems to be the usual these days) and a pile of Christmas stuff that needs sorting/wrapping. Hello reality, why do you have to be so mean? LOL. Really, I know I shouldn’t complain because we are lucky to have a home and things to unpack and Christmas gifts to give, I get that! What I don’t get is why the human condition has to involve the Billy Goats Gruff Syndrome?

Baby and Santa!

On the brighter side our trip was great. We had such a fun time with our friends and as a little family. We took Everly up the Space Needle, to the Aquarium, on many shopping trips and to the Pike Place Market. We did so much walking my ass was sore for the 2 days following. There are some sweet hills in Seattle, especially to push a stroller up. We figured that the walk would do us good though and it was sunny so why not. Baby was bundled up as snug as a bug and I think the fresh air was good for her! I think it was also good for her to have these experiences and her dad and I are really looking forward to exposing her to as many different places as we can! She took to travelling like a fish to water, she’s like her mama, so it shouldn’t be a problem. Next up NYC… if mama has her way, lol!

Baby and mama at some pier or other!

Us 3 on the deck of the Space Needle

Mama and baby at the Aquarium

And now the nitty gritty, her sleep. Well let’s just say that she was all over the road during our trip and that was okay with us. We knew there was no way that we could expect her to maintain everything the same when we were not at home. Also, we didn’t want to be tied to a routine, we wanted to get out and explore! She was great during the day, had good naps in her stroller- one day she napped for 2 hours in her stroller which she has not done since she was under 3 weeks old! She was likely pooped from the scary boat ride the night before!!! At night she didn’t sleep well, but that is probably because she was sleeping next to me. The hotel brought up a crib, but there was no way she would sleep in it of course and I didn’t want to force the issue because what did it really matter. I think I got about 10 – 15 hours of sleep total in the 3 nights we were there. She got more because she caught up during the day- no fair baby 😉 Needless to say I was pretty tired when we got home.

In baby jail!

Now that we are home we are trying to get back into the sleep groove. She has been going down really welll with no fussing at all, but she still wakes up 30 minutes later. I have decided to just pick her up and feed her and put her back to bed now. If I don’t pick her up and feed her she will protest for up to 2 hours. The way I see it is that it’s not a bother at all for me, who cares really and it helps her, so why not. I haven’t found that doing this affects her night waking at all either, in fact she has not woke up at 2:30 am since, she has been going to sometime between 4:00 and 5:00 am.

Baby is going through lots of changes at the moment and so right now I am just going to her right away and feeding her if she does not go back to sleep within 10 minutes. She has mastered getting on her hands and knees and rocking back and forth, she is also starting to try to pull up from hands and knees- so her crib needs to be lowered. I get anxious thinking that she could learn to pull up and fall over the side; her dad is lowering it today. She is getting really good at transitioning from sitting to tummy and has begun to learn how to go from hands and knees, or tummy to sitting. Babies learn so fast it just amazes me. She also has two tiny tooth buds on her lower gums, the teeth that have been threatening to come out for 4 months just may make their debut in the next week or so.

I went through all of her toys and made piles of 0-6 month stuff that I have to sell because she doesn’t use it anymore. There is also a Rubbermaid bin full of clothes that no longer fit and new, bigger clothes now fill her drawers. She is 7 months old. Where has the time gone?! Doing these chores today (as was suggested for me to do by a good friend before Christmas!), made me a little bit sad. Slowly but surely she is griwing up and getting bigger and there is nothing I can do about it. I get so excited for her when she learns new skills, it’s the best thing ever to listen to her talk to herself in the back of the car, but each new skill brings her farther away from being a tiny baby. You can’t stop development, but we aren’t rushing it over here either!

Go baby go, or don't!


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