The 30 Minute Alarm!

After our return from Seattle we were going to start the sleep training at full speed again once the crib was lowered. Well the crib was lowered, by none other than myself who got tired of waiting for her busy hubby to get around to it! I just decided that my original gut reaction to feed her at the 30 minute mark and one night waking was not that bad at all for a 7 month old baby. I was seduced by sleep training programs, I will admit that. I looked at them and was like, wow, 12 hours of sleep in a row, how wicked is that. I fell hook, line and sinker because I wanted to believe. Well believe I don’t anymore and now I am doing what seems to be working right now. There may come a day where we have to put some of that training stuff back into effect, but I don’t feel like we are in dire need right now. She is sleeping in her own crib, so sleep training served the purpose that we wanted it to really if you want to get picky about it. 12 hour sleeps would have been the bonus.

What is funny to me is how the bonus slowly and sneakily became the focus. Seduction is a sneaky thing, oh yes it is. If I really look back at my original goals, I can see that we were successful in doing what we set out to do- Everly now sleeps in her crib at night and for naps. But no, I am greedy, I would not be happy with that, and in fact completely lost sight of that original goal and when we met it, I didn’t even acknowledge all those involved. So I would like to take this moment and congragulate my little family for our success in getting Everly into her crib for sleep times- CONGRATS to Everly, Brandon and Jessica. There, done, that wasn’t so hard.

I have given up on feeling like a failure because my child does not sleep for 12 hours uninterrupted at 7 months old. The sleep books would tell me otherwise but I am not listening to them anymore, they are not my friends; friends don’t let you feel like a failure! Before I decided to leave the hard core sleep training out of our family plan I did email the Sleepsense people. I let them know what problems we were having, hoping that I might get a quick tip or word of encouragement. I also told them that I was not impressed that everywhere on their website and in there book there are examples of families that went through the process of sleep training in 2 weeks, and that it was really only going to be hard for 2 weeks (well we were at 8 weeks at this point). I said that I don’t think this is supportive for families that might find it takes longer. Instead of help or tips or words of encouragement I was told that I should upgrade to a package that costs hungreds of dollars. Yeah, because that is something that most parents can afford right. Seems like preying on weak victims doesn’t it. I bet some people out there are so tired they would pay hundreds of dollars. I thanked the tech support person and let them know that I couldn’t afford that and she wrote me back asking if I would like a refund. I replied that yes, I would like a refund please and I am currently waiting upon it.

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