This has been a busy and eventful week for us- hence the limited blog postings!

I had my first day back at work on Wednesday. Yes Everly is just 7 months old, and yes I am still on maternity leave technically, but I have decided to go back one day each week until I have to be back for good. I say have to be back like it is a bad thing but it is not. Today I realized how much I really love my job and how much I missed wearing this hat in my life. When I was driving to the office this morning I was giddy, yes actually giddy, isn’t that weird. I guess for some people that is probably the weirdest thing that they could imagine- being giddy about going to work. But when you are off for a bit of time and really haven’t been engaging your brain in the same way for 8 months it is really exciting. Oh and I guess you have to actually like your job too.

Having Everly I think has enabled me to be so much better at my job too. I am not saying that you have to have kids to be good at what I do, but it sure puts everything into perspective. When I visited a foster home today with 4 children under the age of 4 I had an increased understanding of what their days look like and how tired that foster mom must get sometimes. I pictured bedtime routines and the possibility of night wakings from all 4 children at all different times. I thought of what it must be like to be handed a newborn baby, care for it and then 7 months later have the child be adopted. I don’t know if I could do that. Obviously with Everly being my daughter I know she is mine to keep, but does knowing a baby is not yours to keep, stop you from loving them any less.

This week Everly also started waving bye-bye again, clapping her hands and she even signed for more a few times. She was waving bye- bye a little while ago and then she stopped it was the weirdest thing. She started back up again about 10 days ago and is still pretty inconsistent and she waves backwards (towards herself), but it is the cutest thing ever. When she signed for more I thought I would be hesitant to believe she really signed, but the way in which she did it left me no doubt- she looked up at the bowl of Cheerios with her mouth wide open and brought her fingers together. She has only done it a handful of times again, but it’s there in her brain, I saw it! She started clapping on Tuesday when we went swimming. I was clapping my hands together to make splashes and she started doing the same and there you have it- she would not stop, lol! The first time my dad saw it he was just beside himself as he has been trying to get her to patty-cake for a few weeks now. She looked at all of us smiling and clapping at her and cheering and she had the proudest expression on her little angel face (makes me get a bit misty eyed thinking about it, lol!)

Baby had her first Christmas party this weekend! Usually B and I throw an evening event for adults, but this year, with the new addition we had to tweak it a bit. We decided to go with a daytime kid/baby friendly event and it went really well. We had tons of kids (and their parents) here, we had great food and yummy hot chocolates with peppermint schnapps! I knew it was a hit with the kids because none of them wanted to leave- bless their little hearts but we are not yet ready to become the Duggar family, lol! I do not have one ounce of Michelle Duggar’s patience!!!

After our kids party we headed to an evening birthday/holiday party at a friend’s house with Everly in tow. I wasn’t sure how she would do as she was going to be out waaaay past her bedtime, but you know there is only one way to find out and we could have come home if things went South! I was so amazed by her. She had a little nap on the way over there and then was happy as a darned clam the entire time. What am I saying, I was amazed, who am I kidding- there were people there fawning over her, of course she was happy the entire time, lol! If I have learned anything about my kid it is that she is a giant ham! People say to her, oh you are so cute and she looks back at them with either her award winning toothless grin or the eye flutter where her eyelashes sweep the floor. I always said I wanted a kid who knew how to work a crowd, lol!

At the party Everly may have done something pretty eventful… she has been saying the sounds mama and dada for a while now but up until recently really did not have an understanding of what the sounds meant. In the past week we have been able to say to here, where’s dada or where’s mama and she will look for the appropriate person and then smile when she sees them, with this burst in receptive language I knew that the connection to her expressive language would be soon. At the party I happened upon her sitting with her daddy whilst charming one of the guests. I walked into the room out of her sight and when she looked up and saw me she said it, crystal clear, plain as day MAMA and smiled at me. B and I both had a blank expression on our faces as this was the first time she had uttered the sounds in the correct context. The guest said, wow, she says mama already? B and I said that may have been the very first time, that’s why we are both stunned like deer in headlights, lol. I was like the Grinch in that moment, my heart grew. It’s not like I even had an heart deficiency problem and that it needed to grow, but it did anyway and it broke the heart measuring thing too, I know it did because I heard that, bwong-ker-snap sound. End of paragraph point- I was proud. We will see if it continues and then I guess we will know for sure if she really meant it and I guess real or not, it sure meant the world to me.

Today is Sunday and we are off to see my mom. My mom has not seen Everly since July so this should be fun. Did I mention that she has no idea we are coming to see her either…

Quote of the day, “I feel like a prize asshole, no one even mentions my casserole,” heard on Flight of the Conchords (The Tough Brets), Hurt Feelings rap.


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