I have been a bad blogger this week. Things have been busy, but no more busy than usual really. I guess I kind of don’t have an excuse other than I have been lazy. When she goes to bed, I go to bed right after her. The bonus of this- I have been getting so much luxurious sleep lately, and that Martha is a good thing! 

The early bed times of this week have got me to thinking of all the things you never thought you would do or would happen once you became a parent, it’s funny how 9:00 all of a sudden became late at night. To be out past 9:00 is even more of an accomplishment. On Friday it was Brandon’s birthday and we went out for dinner, then to a friend’s for cake. We didn’t get home until 9:30 at night (wooo-hoo, living it up). I thought Everly would revolt with this schedule change, but the little sucker went right to bed and slept sound all night; her best night of the week actually so go figure. I took this as a sign that we can get away with outings like this more often 🙂 

Another thing that I never thought about experiencing once I became a parent was seeing my husband suck spit from the speaker of his iphone. Brandon has games on his phone specifically for Everly (or so he says), one of these games makes animal noises when you touch the respective animal. Everly is never satisfied by merely experiencing something with her hands and eyes, it needs to go in her mouth, so in went the iphone. We thought it was funny at first, her sucking on the phone while little “oink oinks” and “quack quacks” came out, it’s still funny now when I think of it. But then B was receiving a call and the phone would not ring, the sounds stopped- the iphone was silent. In a moment of panic (iphone users know what I am talking about here) he put the speaker to his lips and sucked, you could hear the drool exiting the phone as he did this, it was a lovely crackling noise. I yelled out ewwww, as he demonstrated the return of sound, thereby eliminating the need to feel embarrassment by my grossed-out-ness. He looked at me and said, put that on you blog, I said, oh don’t worry, I wasn’t waiting for your permission, lol. 

And while we are on the subject of Brandon and Everly interactions and things I never thought of I would like to bring up food sharing. I for one, am not opposed to sharing food from my plate with Everly, provided it is a healthy choice for her, some parents don’t like to do it, but I really don’t care. Brandon shares with her too, so she has come to have certain entitlement issues to anything that we are eating naturally. One day last week, while Brandon was watching football, he made himself a plate of nachos to enjoy. He sat down in the living room and prepared to enjoy his melted cheese on salty chips (my mouth is watering now). Everly saw that he was eating so she pulled to stand at the couch and cruised her way on over. She stared at him with her big blue eyes, sweeping the floor with her lashes. She reached towards his plate with a smile on her face, he looked down at her and said NO, she backed off for about 30 seconds and tried again, he said NO a little bit more seriously. She made a concentrated lip pucker, scrunched eyebrow face and once again leaned in for what should rightfully be her’s, he looked at her and said No- go to Hell. I said excuse me, did you just tell the baby to go to Hell? He said yes I did, she was trying to steal my food. I reminded him that she is going to learn to say what we say and asked if one day he would like to have her tell him to go to Hell, he said well if I was trying to steal her food then she should. Men. 

We have seen some MILESTONES in the past month that I just have to share because, well, I just have to! All of these new skills are making her more and more fun, I think that this age is my favourite so far. She now has 4 words that she is trying to use on a daily basis (mama, dada, “dog” and “hi”). The mama and dada she has down pat, dog and hi are new in the past week or so. She now elicits games of peek’a’boo by pulling things over her face and then ripping them down with an expectant smile on her face. She has started walking with her wheeled walker and will bend down to pick things up off the floor while holding on. The first time I put her to this walker she pushed it out waaaay too far and her legs couldn’t catch up. After a few tries, her legs caught up and she realized the power she could soon harness. I recognized the look of revelation that was written across her face. I felt the same way when I was 12 and grew boobs and discovered how boys were then puddy in my hands- if Everly takes after me this day will also come for her, I am laying the groundwork now to make sure that she uses this power for good and not evil! 



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